Weslaco, Texas

you are trying to make me pay some thing that you are trying for. well what i can see is you do have alot of false advertising going on, also when some one asks for you to stop a check or maybe the card from going through yo dont do that.

thats why i feel you do not need to theraten me on what you say you will do. i also feel that you owe me alot of money for being with your bank when you say that you will pick a few of the bills we pay out also give us money back, well you sure havnt done that out of the i was with your bank.so i just may go to my attorney and let him know that what you are doing is false addvertising alot of stuff.thank you and have a good day.

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I want to be considered in The Class Action Lawsuit againt Chase Fullfilment center and Chase Home finance for fees being accured while I was in the Loan Modification for over 12 months.