I basically had the exact same thing happen to me but twice in one month!!! I deposited money though their atm...

around 1000$ I filed a claim before and they credited me the money and supposedly everything was fine... But then three weeks later the same thing happened on 1180$!!! A 5$ bill got stuck in the slot and jammed up the system! Only to give me a receipt stating that there were technical errors and call claims.

I proceed to walk into the branch immediately following the incident, where a customer service rep deals with the claims department on my behalf and they tell him to tell me they will credit me within 72 hours. Only to find out a week later that nothing has been deposited! I call claims and they tell me that because this is the 2nd time in 30 days that it is under serious supervision and needs 7-10 business days!!! The rep was extremely rude and basically told me there was nothing they could do.

We're not talking like 100$ ... It's 1100$! Money to help support me as my family. This is just ridiculous.

And they treat me like it's my fault when it's they're machines that are at fault.

What happened with everyone else's situation?! All I know is I'm getting my hard earned money Nomatter what!

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