Hesperia, California
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Opened up a savings account with Chase bank which I have had in the past to cash my pension check which was already spent I was told that the funds would be available on the third day. Wrong as I was in Arizona I'm from California the funds were not available when I got back I would come to find out that the bank put a restriction on my account to be closed!

it took me three days of going into my local branch for them to tell me that they no longer wanted my business and that a hold was put on my check. They also told me that once the account was closed in three days there would be a 10 day hold and then they would send me a cashiers check through the mail for a significant amount of money mind you which I said was unacceptable! It would then take three more days to perk you were my funds! I missed the deadline that I attended some of the funds for school having to wait for the next enrollment.!

I then sat in the bank and tell them the check had cleared which they knew and that I was not leaving without my money by the third day I finally walked out with my money only to get a call when I got home telling me to come back with the money as $1000 had got stuck in the counter which showed the amount was correct!!!!

This is the worst experience I've ever had! I would never wish chase bank on any of friends and family and personally pardon my French, but Chase, you can go *** yourself twice!!!!

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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I completely agree -- they are violating consumer rights and the federal government should shut them down. They are violating consumer rights and should cease to operate.

Please move your accounts somewhere else.