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I've been a Chase customer for a couple of decades. I recently placed a call to the number given by the Chase website to request an increase of my credit limit.

Upon reaching the computer, I complied with a request to enter the last four digits of my card number. Computer replied that the number was not recognized, and asked for all sixteen digits. I entered that and, again, it was not recognized and I was directed to the FRAUD DEPARTMENT. Eventually I was transferred to the "customer service dept" (what a misnomer).

After being grilled for various identification protocols, I was granted an increase to $6K. Five minutes later I was notified by my credit tracking service that a hard credit pull was performed. Had I known that, I'd have never bothered with the request, which resulted in a huge 5% increase to my total credit line. My subsequent call to customer service ONCE AGAIN SENT ME TO THE FRAUD DEPARTMENT.

BTW, at NO TIME was I given any explanation as to the reason for the runaround.

I ended up talking to a "SUPERVISOR" where I was met with an attitude involving condescending assertion that the problem was MINE, not theirs. Needles to say, I destroyed my card.

Reason of review: Condescending attitude of "Customer service".

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Chase Bank Pros: Huge, Solid financial reputation, Customer reps spoke english.

Chase Bank Cons: Entire experience was like being held hostage, Being shunted from one dept to another.

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