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Almost every time I call Chase for service, I get someone who speaks English like a robot . Why cant they hire Americans?

I had to speak to 5 different people, at the cost of 90 cell phone minutes before I got to someone who could understand my concerns. So many of these people misunderstand my concerns, and I usually have to ask them to repeat themselves several times in order to understand them. They speak English, but the inflections are non existent or all wrong.

This particular call was in regard to an error that the bank made in which they sent out a repeating monthly payment 2 times instead of one time in a month. I was bounced from person to person untill I finally reached someone who was capable of understanding me, and didn't just keep repeating, " I have done this and this ma'am...." and " I have already told you ....." with completely flat affect like a robot.

Review about: Chase Bank Banking Service.

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