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March 27, 2019 im looking for a replacement card, Lines were slow as heck! so, I signed in and took a seat.

finally remembered the handicapped teller had been the same as business teller. once the line trimmed down I approached. she said she could help me. I needed a replacement card and a bathroom (at 70.5 and female).

She couldn't help me with either. ok give me account balance...she immediately asked for my card. (the one I needed replaced? if I had it y replace??).

once prior I had gone to the same window for a replacement card after I had signed in and waited. redirected. oomph. this time the window couldn't help me.

Now with my PHOTO ID she couldn't find my account. jokingly, I lose my card, u lose my account. she took offense?? after many gyrations, back over flips...I was not jovial anymore.

what do u mean u found 3 other highly unusual names like mine but with a different middle initial?? I opened my account at this specific branch, how could u not find it?? I'm trying to understand!! I have done this b4, (quick and to the point) finally repeating same questions many times, redundantly … I got pissed off.

FOLLOW THE CONVERSATION. She is addressing me by my first name AND mispronouncing it. since I already needed the bathroom key (pun) all I could do was leave to go elsewhere to relieve myself while she screaming loudly after me, I could talk to her manager. Who was acting as teller couple windows over.

within earshout. I merely turned to correct her enunciation of my first name...my last name was invisable, at 70years things do change, like my silver hair. Not blond, a bit o pepper. upon returning I signed in again and took a seat 5:02.

the banker came out and passed by me a couple times, one asking how I was doing? "could b better". by 5:45 he walks past again he's gonna b tied up till closing. what did I need.

he walks over to the branch manager who had been standing there watching me most of the time I had been sitting there :45. already having overhead her telephone conversation stating SHE was the branch manager. the one standing within ear shout of the original issue with the teller not finding my account. as I sat there :45 I observed quite a bit.

one other teller announced numerous times that she was off at 5: proceeded to flirt, hug and kiss some of the men who were in audience, while keeping her male ride home waiting. I thought that unusually inappropriate. hind sight is the best sight. that was the only way she knew to act out in front of me that the joke was on me...keeping me waiting and giving me a hard time.

after addressing the banker I acknowledged that he had passed me repeatedly and now announces he doesn't have time. he was the only banker there, by himself. requesting a card he went to retrieve one for me while the bank manager tries to deflect by now addressing me....can she help. well yes, u can explain the problem with my account.

She wanted to deny the knowledge of the original issue, stand on that she had to be a teller. as bank manager, y would she leave anyone in her bank without discovering y they were there for soo long.

other issues with her lies and then attempting to raise the upper hand by showing me to the door. not b4 she came from behind teller counter and went to the office to retrieve her card, which I had also requested.

Reason of review: singled out for percieved miscomnception..

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