I have been with Washington mutual than Chase for 10 years,someone had gotten my card numbers,and made a HUGE purchase i had called chase a,s,a,p and they stopped my card,replaced my money within a couple days,they have been the best banking,im not sure about with the home loans or whatnot alls,but your 100% protected with that bank,they DONT steal your money they cant,if you dont have the overdraft protection than your NOT protected,they gave you that option,i know everyone complains about some place and others have no problems with some places,but banking is simple,dont spend what you dont have or you will end up paying overdrafts,and walk into chase get protected,this was the test of how good they would be by someone stealing my card number and using it online to buy 4,oooo$ worth of stuff that i didnt even have,and CHASE imediately closed@ did what they told me was going to happen,now i just cant wait to see who got my numbers and prosecute,REMEMBER gas pumps have readers people do get your numbers as well as your 3# security code,have a great day everyone>

Review about: Chase Bank Online Banking.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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