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Chase bought WaMu and later changed my 10 yr old WaMu checking account policy and remove my overdraft protection without telling me! And when trying to discuss it with anyone my concerns are down played.

This is only one of several situations.

They have very poor customer help on 800#.

Most recently they ruled in favor of an illegal bank card usage, I contacted them immediately my credit card had been used online. Instead of caring, they canceled my card without telling me, then assisted criminals in getting my money, and told me " there was nothing I could do about it"! I had to threaten- and did- file a complaint at BBB. Called the news.

They eventually returned my money.

I never had service like this with WaMu.

Time for everyone to change to community banks.

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Chase is blocking me from using my debit card. I have money in the account.

When I call them I am told that "there's nothing we can do." "We're working on it" Then i am hung up on. This has happened twice in the past few months.

I am livid. Is that even legal?


I am being muzzled by Chase for no good reason, the have people on the phone with hollow threats, then they hide under the skin of some attorney in LI.


Chase is so bad, sneaky and they are thieves and thugs. They will not answer your question, the third world people that they exploit through cheep wages are not given the information nor the leverage to help.

I feel bad for them, really, and worse for myself because I have the unfortunate circumstance of being a Chase customer. They are predators who are not willing to help with mortgage modifications and they dispersed my mortgage payment to other areas of my loan illegally.




this is the worse bank ever. they are rude and they do not help the customer.

i do not know how many times they hung up the phone and do not help me. it is the worse bank in the us


My account has gone from Providian to Wamu. No problems.

I even had a couple credit line increases. Then it went from WAMU to Chase. Guess what? after being told there would be no changes from the switch, there were changes from the switch.

My credit line was dropped to barely above my balance. This account was started nearly 10 years ago.

Never a missed payment, and always more than the minimum due. Hows that for customer service.

Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India #103272

Trust me when I say - whenever you want to call Chase - you will get a hold of many in the Pillipines, or Costa Rica! BUT NOT IN THE USA!

My home loan is in the USA and I tried for 2 solid days to get a hold of someone who could help me with my Equity product. 2 days of calls being transferred to different countries to help me with my US loan.

If I could get my loan elsewhere - I'd to in in an instant. The sad thing is ... I work at another bank!

Don't EVER get any products with Chase. They are bad news!

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