I asked them to stop payment on a website that was a scam. They said they would, but did not.

I got charged 99.99 for something I did not order. I called, talked to Jeramy, asked him to make sure I was not charged again from that website. He agreed, but when I was charge the same amount, from the same website the following month, he (jeramy, again) said it was my problem. He was very rude to me, and would not let me talk to a manager.

I will not ever deal with Chase bank again. Especially Jeramy.

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To the above comment what a sorry sorry joke of a customer service person you are. I have been told in the past when I left your bank the first time (before I was forced over as a WAMU customer) that something would be fine or not a problem in the least, only to have the total opposite happen later.

Even when I was prepared for the worst or an issue. You are nothing but frauds and thieves.


We cant stop payments on drafts. You were warned about this on your first call in ,and should have closed the account.

You have no excuse for this post.

This is what happens when you compromise your information.

We are here to help you... not bail you out.

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