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I opened an account with Chase last year. Loved all the features, used my account accordingly, minimal times I over spent or charged an NSF. My boyfriend and I deposit US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS on a regular basis. They are donations for our fund, etc. On Friday, June 10th, I deposited 3,265 dollars of Money orders into my account. Majority from 2015-2016, few from 2012-2013. My debit card declined the whole weekend following, I chalked it up to travel. I have to call THEM on Monday only to hear my account is CLOSED and my deposits are being "reviewed". At this point I'm starting to get frustrated. Why didn't they call? Why wasn't I contacted? When asking the reason for the reviewing of my deposits, I was told "They're more than three years old" Okay? Just FYI, FIVE of them were more than three years old (out of about 20), and US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS have NO EXPIRATION!!! So I wait a week, call back, "still in review", in order to release the funds I have to have the ORIGINAL receipt (I'm the receiver, why would I have that?) and now they wont release my funds that were in the account before the deposit AND flagged my account for fraud, so now I can't open an account elsewhere. Now, I'm VERY frustrated.After bugging consistently until the 24th, I'm finally told I'll be sent a check for my funds. THANK GOD. These are legitimate US POSTAL money orders, written to me, completely valid. Received a check Monday, to the tune of TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!! So here I am, calling them AGAIN. "Mam without original receipts we can't release those funds to you" I finally said I was going to lawyer up. The representative HUNG UP ON ME. Here's my problem with this:

1. If you didn't want to cash them, why weren't they returned in the first place?


3. If they're NOT fraudulent, but old (with no expiration date) why was my whole account closed?

Finally, I walk into the original branch, where deposited, and have them call. He FINALLY gets an answer. I have to get with the US POST OFFICE to try and get copy of receipts or a "good will letter". Easy enough right? Go to post office, they've NEVER heard of this and have NEVER been able to give receipt copies or do "good will letters". So basically I just made Chase Bank $3,265 richer. No real explanation. NEVER BANK WITH THEM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3365.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Chase Bank Cons: No one at chase would help with where the money went.

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It doesn't sound reasonable for you. Sounds extremely reasonable for the bank


It does sound very reasonable.

1. Why are you getting so many money orders?


Why are you getting "donations"?

3. Your math is wrong...you didn't subtract the $200 you received, therefore you are out $3,065

4. Why would you have items that are so old?

5. Why would you not deposit these money orders at the time you opened the account, why wait another year?

6. If the money orders cleared like you stated then the post office can get copies and if they can get copies they must be able to know the money orders are legitimate.

If that is all true then how do they know they are legitimate if they cannot compare them to some kind of original purchase? This does not sound like it

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