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I have been a Chase customer for decades and have had a few complaints in the past, but today's experience was the worst and gave me cause to write this complaint. This teller ("Andrea" at cashbox #5 at the North Lynnwood branch #740318 on HWY 99) talked to me as though I were a dog, yelled at me, and was nasty throughout the entire transaction.

She interrupted me when I asked a question, telling me she couldn't concentrate on the computer screen. I tried to ask a question about the debit card I received for what was supposed to be a savings account, which she ignored. The transaction was rather simple, a rental-check depost of $1,010 into my business acount, then a $4,000 transfer from a savings account into the same business account. She gave me blank slips to sign, so I filled in the date etc.

before signing, which caused her to get very agitated, ordering me to "not do that, just sign!" But she had sloppy handwriting and I asked her to verify one of the account numbers that was illegible. Then she got even nastier. As a general rule, I do not sign blank documents tossed by an angry teller! I was the only customer when we got started, but two others waited in *** when we finished, so it wasn't a long line by any means.

"Andrea" shouldn't be in this position, she obviously needs customer-service training.

As a customer, I feel insecure about letting an angry teller look at my accounts, some with 5 or sometimes 6-digit balances. "Andrea" should be removed from the teller position.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Bank Teller.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Get rid of bad tellers..

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Andrea had always been pleasant to me. In fact, I generally always make a point of going to her box when she's available over all the others, because she's pleasant.

Maybe you got bad customer service if you were a bad customer.

In my experience, when someone begins a complaint by pearl clutching on a pedestal [I've been a customer for XX Years!] it's typically indicative of attempting to justify poor behavior on your part, which has been conveniently omitted from your account of the events. I simply suggest you reflect on what is probably the whole story.

@Guy Squiggs

Also, the fact you even used this review to gloat about your bank account holding 6 figures is really telling.

@Guy Squiggs

You are DUMB!! $1010.00 is NOT Six figures

@Guy Squiggs

I bet you're related to Andrea. The customer had a valid complaint!