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Hi. Yesterday I tried to open chase business checking account.

I have joint checking account already. I came to the branch. (Ernst And Young Plaza, 725 S. Figueroa St.

Los, Angeles, CA 90017) It was 4pm. I walked in and manager told me that nobody will be able to help me at this branch. There was only one manager and he was busy. I said that I want to open business account today and he said that I can do it in the other branch (888W 6th st, Los Angeles, CA) After that he called them to make sure they will be able to do it.

Within 10 minutes waiting time manager Wendy responded to him and she said that I can come to their branch. They will be able to open an account for me. It takes about 40-45 minutes. So we made an appointment.

So I came to that branch and it was 4.50PM Branch is working until 6pm. As soon as I walked in I told Branch manager (Sofiean Oyuki NMLS ID: 1260211) that I have an appointment and I need to open a business account today. She said ok - have a seat. I was seating in a chair until 5.10pm.

Manager Sofia Reja (NMLS ID: 830701) came to me and asked what do I need to do. I said - open a business checking. Next question was: Do I have all the documents - I said yes. Its not my first time to open a business account.

I had absolutely everything with me. Everything was ok until this question: What time is it now ? I looked on my clock and said its 5.12. Response was: Oh.

It takes 40-45 minutes and we're closing at 6. I started to wondering. If it takes 45 minutes we will finish it few minutes before branch closure. I admitted that I came from another branch and I have an appointment.

So everything should be fine. Sofia Reja (NMLS ID: 830701) showed uncertainty. I provided all the documents, and before she started the process she said that I need an appointment. I responded I have one.

I said please lets start everything because today is the only day in my calendar that I have available to open an account. And I asked to start the process so we can finish by 6. Response was disguising - Sofia Reja (NMLS ID: 830701) said: Don't tell me what to do. I said ok and looked on my clock.

It was already 5.25 I gave the paperwork to her. She checked it 2 times. Typed some info and told me - it's 5.30, we won't be able to finish this. I was confused.

I said what happened. I am here, I have all the paperwork needed. We still have the time. Why not ?

Response shocked me. You don't have an appointment with me! I said that I have an appointment for the next available banker, and you was the first one who came to me. She responded that there is nothing she can do to help me.

I told her politely that it will be impossible to move it to any other day. Because I run 4 entities and my schedule is extremely busy. Sofia Reja (NMLS ID: 830701) said - sorry, I can't help you. I tried to speak with Branch manager (Sofiean Oyuki NMLS ID: 1260211) about this situation.

She said that it's how the banking processes are. Looks like managers at this branch does't care about people at all. What I was opening my personal account I came there by 5.30 Managers finished everything after branch closure. I was so happy to work with chase.

But this is completely opposite. Sofia Reja (NMLS ID: 830701) was absolutely unprofessional. Her manager Sofiean Oyuki (NMLS ID: 1260211) was defending her. It's OK to have good relationship on the job.

But it's not OK to ignore one someone in other favor because you like your manager more that a consumer. Thats my feedback and I'm very disapointed.

Hope you can do some training or check the quality of the service. Because it looks like I'm not the only one who is pissed off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Chase Bank Cons: Advisor, Lack of any reasonable solution.

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