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I have been a chase client since 2010. I have never had an issue with Chase since day one.

I had a business account as well a previous personal account which I had recently closed. On October 12th 2016, I went in to a new branch located on Irvine center drive Los Olivos shopping center which was across the street from where I lived. I went in to cash a cashier’s check. The associate whom I found out later was the branch manager named Brenda Smith, said I can’t cash the cashier’s check, I would need to deposit it first then wait until it clears.

I said that’s fine, and then she said because my account was a business account I was not allowed to deposit a cashier’s check made payable to me personally. I told her I could sign the check over to the business and it’s not a problem since I am the sole owner of the account and business. She said she will not allow that. I explained that I have never had an issue cashing a check made payable to me and have always been asked to sign it over to my business account, and if she can ask a supervisor if its ok and she said she was the branch manager and she would not do it in a very rude and disrespectful tone.

I have NEVER had an issue with this in hundreds of transactions since 2010. I have never had any issues other than this with this rude lady. I was disrespected and discriminated against since this has never happened to me before. She then told me to leave and never come back to the branch and she will make sure I don't.

I immediately contacted chase customer service to file a complaint on her and was told I would be contacted back within 24-48 hours. I never received a call back from anyone. I then had to contact chase everyday only to get the run around. I then filed other complaints with other regulatory and consumer protection agencies to get this resolved.

On Oct 18th my account was closed and they stated they have permanently terminated their relationship with me and that I could no longer be a Chase client. No one can give me any reason why or any information about any of this. No one has contacted me with any assistance or inquiry about this. I have had many issues resulting from this ordeal, as it has cost me a lot of grief and financial burdens.

I feel like I have been discriminated against, and everyone must be made aware of what has transpired, so no one has to go through what I have gone through. I have no idea what this person’s problem was and why she has done what she has done.

I demand this employee to have disciplinary actions resulting in termination and my relationship with chase restored as I have been a perfect client since day one.

Manager is Brenda Smith, Her manger is Jonathan Ward. Irvine CA

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Manager.

Reason of review: Poor Customer service and actions resulting in terminating our relationship for unjust reasons.

Preferred solution: Branch Manager should be fired from her position, reinstate my relationship with Chase and create a new personal account for me or I will file a discrimination lawsuit, and continue to get to the bottom of this through every source and organization possib.

Chase Bank Cons: Rude customer service, Employees do not care, Discrimination, Unjust account closure and freezing your money.

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I had a similar experience. Chase is indeed terrible when someone dies.

I have been trying for more than one year to inform then of account fraud post death. They are extremely unprofessional.


I was told same thing and filed complaint in fraud department and I was told terminated . How do I file another complaint for discrimination also