Eugene, Oregon

I waited for nearly two plus years to get a loan modification. After dozens of paper chasing events, I receive a deal to stay in my home with effectively the same monthly mortgage payment.

I took it in desperation, but a year later the financial strain was to great, so I re-applied for modification. Bottom line, they would not reduce my monthly payments, and demanded that I makeup past payments and maintain old mortgage rate or they would start foreclosure proceedings. I opted to do nothing. The modification program is a farce, I am disabled, and had to retire early for medical reasons.

I have heard of people getting monthly mortgage reductions as high as 60%, so why couldn't Chase do more to help make my house affordable. There is something sinister and wrong about a Banking system that gets bailed out for hundreds Billions and does not help home owners.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

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I applied for the HARP modification during the government shutdown back in October 2013. It was because of that and a pretty bad car accident.

Still trying to catch up because of the medical bills. I've submitted the requested paperwork over and over again - sometimes 4 times for a specific page. It is now September 2014 - 11 months later and I received a call asking for more paperwork. Basically the same paperwork I have already submitted.

I am so over this bank - I give up. They SUCK!

I hate Chase!


I'm amazed that people feel they are entitled to a modification. You signed up for the original deal, so live up to what you agreed to.

Nobody forced you to take the initial loan.


Some unlucky people fall on hard times in their lives.

Just like the Government bailed out Chase Bank for their stupidity .

We all need help. One time or another.


youre a *** bag


Be careful how you judge.....keep on living....sick day will come, how about an accident or a lay-off. Life changes! So will your comment!

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