Richardson, Texas

I have been a Chase customer long time ago but due that they were not handling properly my CD's, Checking and Loan accounts decided to move to Bank One, It was great until Chase adquiered it and then start my issues again. The drop that overflow the glass was the lack of information on some of their employees on how to handle Comchecks, or any check when you are depositing a check to your account SHOULD NOT BE NECCESSARY TO REQUEST YOUR ID due that they have all your information, but they let me stay in the drive thru for at least five minutes (when they where no body else in the drive thru lines) to let me know that I need to show my ID, told them that it was not necessary but they insist, I asked them to call a supervisor but they did not and still insisting in my ID, finnally I asked the to return the document. Then I went inside and deposit the check with no problem, I asked to talk with a supervisor and complain but the supervisor said that I was wrong, all I wanted was an "I am sorry" but no

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Thats the reason I don't deal with them . They have no clue on what to do. I would school them on the issue but they dont listen.


I do not understand why showing id is an issue? Are you legally here?

I have been a chase customer for years but have never had that sort of issue.

Normally they ask either for ID or your debit card and have you put in your pin on the pad inside.