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I opened an account with my cousin to help her out because she was helping me take care of my daughter. The reason for it was so if my daughter needed anything that it wouldn't be a problem she could use my account.

Well i was looking at my bank statement and it said $304 was transfered to another account, so I called the bank and it was from an account that my cousin had in 07 with washington mutual well I tried to see if I could get my money refunded and set up a payment arangement to pay it and they wont so now I can't pay my bills so chase could get their money. It was not even my debt but they don't care so now I can't pay my bills they are taking food and clothes off of my daughter's back over something that isn't even my fault I am a single dad that makes it from check to check and they took over $300 of my hard earned money for something that I couldn't help I am a 23 year old single father of a 7 year old girl I just don't understand how these people can be so heartless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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