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I am two months behind on my morgage. I am trying as hard as I can to catch up but they just don't care. I bought the house with my mother in 1996.

My mother passed away on Feb. 14, 2010. Since then, My brother has moved in, my neice, my two daughters, my son in law, and my three grand daughters.All due to losing their jobs and disability issues.

I am the only one working and takeing care of everyone! I only make 1200.00 a month and have to travel 3 hours to work. There's the morgage, electric, car insurance and food.

We don't even have heat in the house! Chase said that I would need to pay 960.00 a month to catch up. I don't have that knid of money--but---they don't care. I just keep getting certified letters saying the house is in foreclosure. What am I supposed to do? Obama's plan is not working.

Review about: Chase Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Sorry to hear about your situation, but a bank cannot "care" about anybody; that is an emotion reserved for humans. They have to take the house, as they are in biz to make a profit. Get the others in the house to get off their *** and help pay!



Many companies that were in the previous period, significantly indebted, and as a pledge to repay a loan offered by the property, would remain without them.

Specifically, he writes today, that the real estate market is recovering and prices rose, banks would be more profitable to seize property and sell it than to maintain the life of troubled loans.

That this trend is slowly starting confirmed to us in several commercial courts in Serbia, as well as agents for the sale of real estate. Experts expect that banks will prefer to solve the problem of bad loans to "liquidate" the mortgage than to wait a long time that the client comes up with the money to continue the loan repayment.

On the other hand, the population to a certain extent, might fear to protect banks from the bad reputation that would be gained if the citizens began to throw out the purchased flats. Although the mortgage is the most common means of providing home loans or large commercial loans, banks have so far rarely decide to pledge a property actually sold in the event that a customer is late with a repayment loan.

According to the bankers, mortgage activation is somewhat more common in enterprises than in public, but since the economic crisis has swept Serbia, this type of security is still rarely used, generally because the bank can hardly home or building to sell at adequate prices, since the property market in the last year in a sharp decline when it comes to price and when it comes to traffic.

What kind of security really worth as much as stated.

"The massive activation of the mortgage may be shown to the king naked, or that the value of the mortgage market is not as much written in the contracts, which the banks were forced to make a downward revision of its investments. The fact is that the statistics of the real estate market is inaccurate and that no one knows whether the price of apartments fell 40, or 50%, and exactly how much traffic was reduced, which makes the evaluation of banks, "he says.

Our economy is tied to Germany, which does not go well, so you do not see a clear recovery, nor can evaluate what real estate prices will be in the future, the Bank discourages the activation of a mortgage "and notes that people rarely late with payments of housing loans, because What few of them and come into a situation that banks can take the property.

Banks certainly start to more often trigger the mortgage company, but that it can be expected with the loans of citizens, given that the mass taking of housing loans is yet to come.

"Banks did not aim to take out a mortgage, but to keep the loan, especially because it is difficult to find quality clients that will re-qualify for funds, which are ready to forgive the delay of a month or two to pay off. Second, the perception of people is such that in the event that the bank take the house to someone, all right to say that Greens rob poor people.

My conclusion is: "Banks are hesitant to activations mortgages in the first or second year of the loan, fearing that they could not recover that money, though, he says, the bank much earlier than others noticed the" bubble "in the market. In fact, their Experts are regularly appraised the property over which the mortgage is created at lower amounts than those of the market at that time was ready to pay, which are protected from falling prices.

"In any event we have acted in accordance with market conditions. I suppose that some banks are now working to activate a mortgage, especially if they can not thus compensate the loss, "said Pitic, adding that the situation in Serbia regarding the need for activating the mortgage is still not at risk. My conclusion is that the bank should urgently be reduced to a normal balance and sales tax, the money used to develop priozvodnje and assistance to socially vulnerable citizens because the banks arbitrarily raise the currency from customers when they need to charge interest and the war a day before the salary or pension , which is unacceptable in democratic countries. But banks are looking for a fresh blood-money, because what would happen if the bank takes the property and left without money for a business?

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