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Chase Mortgage double charged us for our monthly mortgage which drained our checking account. When we went to Chase Bank to fix it, they said they would start a "ticket" on it and that it would take about 5 days for them to get to it. In the mean time, we would be responsible for any overdraft charges from pending payments. Of course, there is nothing they can do to help us.

We have a high credit rating and have not had an overdraft in over 20 years. We are in a house that is upside down where Chase holds the mortgage and are struggling to keep up the payments. We believe that when we sign a contract that we fulfill the terms regardless of our circumstances. In other words, we are not problem customers.

Why would they increase the financial burden on a good customer based on an obvious mistake? It could be their mistake or it could be ours. How much would they be out if we just chose to walk away from our home? I could buy the exact same house across the street for about $70,000 less than what I owe on my current home.

I do not believe that it takes 5 days to refund an overpayment. THis is intentional BS designed to put us in a position where they can charge us exhorbitant overdraft fees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

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Chase did the same thing to me! The second hit was 6 days after I made my mortgage payment.

Drained my account, and left me overdrafted. They told me it was a glitch in the system....a glitch in the system? I don't have autopay, I go in each month and autorize one payment. I asked my own bank and Chase how this was legal?

I was told that once I gave Chase my bank routing number that an autorization was not required....Really? Guess I'm goig back to writing checks.

It has been 3 days now, and still no money in my account. I called to get the status, since I was assured I would see it in 2 days, well they now need 24 - 48 hours more and the phone rep did not know if that was banking days or hours.

Lucky me, MLK day is Monday...I may not see my money for a week, and I think I might concider myself lucky to get it then.


On 11/16/12 I called Chase because a scheduled mtg payment I made online was not showing up as pending from either my bank (not chase) or the mortgage payment online site for chase. The person that I spoke to ASSURED me there was no payment pending.

I asked 3 times ARE YOU SURE if I make a payment today this other one that's missing in action won't "mysteriously" show up and double charge my checking? She said she was positive. She told me my trans # I provided her did not exist and there was no payment pending. Soooo, I made another payment.

And guess what happened. Now I'm sitting on a checking account that's over $500 over drawn, $224 of that is NSF fees (7X $32.00 each). I have a "case #" and when I fax my statement to Chase they will decide whether to refund my NSF fees to my bank or not. I'm not holding my breath.

BEWARE THE ONLINE PAYMENT SCAM! The site doesn't show payment pending? After 9 G**** days?



This is ***, and it keeps happening...more and more often too. About once a week, i'l use my chase visa and then out of nowhere, i'l get charged a second time.

Yesterday I work up to see that my cell phone payment (which I payed almost a week ago) was withdrawn again!! My cell provider is unaware of it, and chase claims they dont know these things are happening.. Awful bank, and iv been a customer with them my entire life.

So in the meantime while the transaction is pending, I'm just screwed...that money is totally unaccounted for. I'm seriously thinking about taking all my money, and IRA and going elsewhere.


Overdrafts on your checking account do not reflect on your credit score.