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i called to follow up on a dispute for a credit card charge. I ended up in the Chase call center in the Philippines. When I placed the call I was told to hold on after the call ended as I was selected to complete a survey.

The customer service agents are robotic and not very helpful. There is a cultural difference in the expectations of customer service which they never seem to achieve. In addition I encounter some that do not speak English very well. Everything is lost in translation so to speak.

I told the representative she was not helpful at all and to hang up the phone as I wanted to complete the customer survey I was selected for after the call. She refused to end the call from her end. If I hung up I would not be able to answer the survey I had been selected for and she knew that.

I help the line open for 20 minutes as she sat there refusing to hang up when I asked her to do so.

The overseas call centers leave a very black eye on Chase. I was finally able to be transferred to an American call center after I called Chase back. I filed a fomal complaint against the customer service rep in the Philippines. I was also able to change the settings on my account such that anytime I call in and punch in my bank details I will be sent to a US based call center only.

Chase needs to sit down with "Camille" a supervisor in the dispute department at the Philippines, and go over customer service expectations and procedures.

johnnacalverase wrote the review because of bad quality at Chase Bank. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Chase Bank to "do not send us based calls overseas".

The most disappointing in user's experience was poor customer service. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I called Chase credit card and I knew I’m speaking a male customer rep from Philippines.I don’t like how he talked to me, maybe he’s tired because the time there between 12:30-1:30 a.m.

I hope he’s not in “Shabu “ pills that make you awake all day but aggressive attitude.

I hope all Americans companies are using Americans for customer service agents not foreigners.I know Americans companies they wanted a big profits for using overseas (BPO)

Rockport, Massachusetts, United States #1271391

I was transferred to a Philippines rep at Chase for a dispute today.She was nice, but there was a definite language barrier.

She kept asking me to repeat the same information over and over. I'm sure she did not fully understand the issue by the time we hung up.

In all likelihood, at some point, a rep in the USA will have to fix my issue.How does that save Chase money?

I don't agree with overshore calling centers period, but it's even worse when you're discusssing something as complicated as a dispute.


The same thing happened to me - it was so frustrating!


actually I really apreciate the chase Bank call center in the phillipines, They were very helpful in pointing out another charge along with the disputed charge I had. So they comped me both charges and I have a new debit card in the mail.

to m.i.a.m.i.1 #1327641

The Philippines customer service department is thee best

to Anonymous #1375409

Your a *** if you think tgat


I agree.I dont trust these call centers.

They soeak a very flowery english, Indian accent mixed with british.

all the operators want tondo is hang up on you.i want to see to a local rep

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