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One might imagine that one of the biggest banks in the world could get something as easy as mailing me a debit card right. Right? Nope.

I was on the phone with a banker because they mailed my rent check 5 days late (another problem altogether). That lady convinced me to get a new debit card that earned airplane miles. I needed a new debit card anyway, mine was getting worn out. She said I would have it in about 5 business days.

Two weeks went by and all I got was junk mail, which obviously came from Chase selling my information, because they are the only ones who have my home address. I got the packet describing the card, but no card.

So I called again and ordered a new card. The guy on the phone, who sounded like he was barely 18, suggested I did not give them the right address. I repeated several times what my address was. I know they have the right address, all their spam managed to reach my mailbox.

He said he mailed me another card. After another two weeks, I called again because I received the same "info" packet, and no card.

The guy who answered the phone said, in the exact same words, that he was very sorry about my problem. He said he was going to send a THIRD card via certified overnight mail, which should arrive within two days.

After another week and no delivery I called again. The lady said she could "see" where the guy had put in the request to send it, but there was no tracking number.

That is when I started to get really peeved. I went down to the bank to talk to a real person. Coty Primeaux was very nice to me and while I was there he discovered that the *** who originally set up my business account had done it wrong, and that I was being charged $15 a month on two accounts that were supposed to be free. He did waive those charges, thank goodness.

I told Coty about my problem. He said he would have a card sent to the actual branch, and that I could pick it up when it got there.

Coty called and said my card was there, and I could pick it up "any time." Like many people, I have a J-O-B and I can't easily get to the bank during their regular business hours. I took a lunch break to go get it. Coty wasn't there and nobody could find my card. I came again on a Saturday, Coty wasn't there. I called him and asked that he put the card with the drive-thru people and I could get it from them. I went twice and nobody knew where it was.

This morning I took an hour off work so I could go get my @%$&# card. Coty was once again not there. They said he's transferring to another branch. Some other guy looked high and low for my card. After about half an hour I left, and I told him I thought this was absolutely ridiculous.

So..... The first card was ordered back in February. It is now May 12th and I do not have a card. a grand total of four cards have been sent and not one has reached my wallet.

Something so very simple seems impossible to do, and nobody is jumping out of their chair to make sure I get my card. I like the bank because they have many locations, but now I am in the process of choosing which bank I will transfer my accounts to.

I'll drive a little farther, even with these gas prices, to get to a bank that has their s%@*& straight. If they can't manage to send me a little piece of plastic, can I really trust them with my money?

Chase Bank is terrible. I have had so many problems with them over the ten years I've had my account there, but I just took it and took it because of their convenient locations. Well this is the end of it, they will no longer have me as a customer.

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I am sorry you had such a bad time. I know the banker you write of personally.

He is an excellent banker who takes great care of his clients. He would hate to read this.


SCREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chase, go to Bank of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe the reason why you could not get your Chase debit card is because you live in a cardboard box!!!!!! Chase Rocks!!!! Bank of America Sucks!!!!!

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