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I moved on March 25, and that comes with expenses. Supposedly, I have a $300 a day atm withdrawal, and $5k a day spend on the atm card.

The first time, my card was declined at a grocery store, and I was no where near my spending limit, with over $7k in my account. I called Chase. That lady tried to tell me there was a problem with that register, BUT my dad's wife IMMEDIATE paid for the groceries AT THE SAME register.

Now, places I have shopped before online, my card is getting declined at. I'm 2.3 nanoseconds away from sicking a JAG lawyer on chase.

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Did you call the number on the back of your card to see what is going on? Do you have alerts from Chase set on your account that will inform you via text, email or phone of any problem?

You need to look into these alert messages on your Chase account online. The bad news is that you are correct that Chase fraud department is on overdrive and the very bad news is that when you do call that number on your card, you usually get someone in India who neither understands or speaks the English language and who can't or won't help you even if they could.

This is why having a credit card with another bank or, better yet with Discover is so important. You can use the fall-back card for situations when Chase messes with you.