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i was hit w/$140 nsf fees i had 4 PENDING charges which they already debited the amount out of my balance which left me with $200 i then had a $285 dollar transaction which i knew i didn't have the funds for but i was like ok i'll be hit with the $35 fee for this one. but oh no they paid off the $285 dollar charge 1st which came many days after the other pending charges & charged me nsf fees 4 the 4 pending transactions i was sooo mad.

i called and said u guys already took money out of my balance 4 the 1st 4 pending transaction how then can u allow a higher transaction 2 b paid 1st & then charge me nsf fees for the pending transactions that u guys already took out my balance?

her explaination the (so-call) computer generates what is 2 be paid 1st which will always b the higher amount. THEY CREDITED ME BACK $105 THIS TIME THEIVES!!!

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