This banking institution deserves the golden Jack-Hand award!!! This year.

They have hung more than one big one in more consumers than, The Queen Of Mean has had hung in her!(Lisa Lampenelli) I think you know who I'm talking about. It's good they are following the rules of the law by sending letters out though. I hope that other cust/suckers like me are NOT carying much or any balance. But don't forget to atleast buy a pack of cigs or some candy (for Halloween) just so they won't close your emergency cushion.

It's time to start stashing cash in a cool spot as they did in the past-atleast YOU KNOW YOU can get it when YOU NEED IT!!. It won't draw interest, but same as at the bank 0 is still 0 NO LOSS!! Be CAREFUL AT THE ATM THOUGH, because if the *** are sticking out of them (you know)as much as much as they have stuck it to us all you might be dealing with a porcupine !!!


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