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I am losing my house to the greedy banks who have run me around for over a year dangling a remodification loan in front of me only to turn me down for something that was on my application form a year ago!!!

They are outright crooks and they stole 4.5 billion dollars of taxpayer money that the Fed (that is owned by the big banks) authorized and then kept secret from the public. When are people going to get mad about this and demand our money back.

They've taken our savings, now they're taking our homes. And all they do is complain about how much health care is going to cost.

THE BANKS GOT 4.5 TRILLION DOLLARS!!!! That's a almost a third of the national debt!!!

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Help losing or lost? my home to chase bank!Deception fruid etc.Qualified for hemp program modifacation didnt seem to matter to chase bank?dont want to be homeless. Just want to save my house.....

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