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The bank that stole christmas!

I began banking with chase back in October and immediately started having problems.First I was reeled in with the $100 when you open a free checking gimmick.I should have known nobody gives you a hundred dollars for nothing. me and my fiancee set up our direct deposit the same day we started the account only to find out we wouldn't get our next checks for a month. Once the deposits did come in we went about using our rewards cards.What a sheisty way of ripping off customers. One month into the account we were charged our first hundred dollar overdraft fee which we received from the late direct deposit.Then we were naive and figured we weren't down any money so we might as well just keep things the way they are.What a poor decision! We picked up the iPhone application and figured we could monitor the account closer that way.We went about doing some of our Christmas shopping and kinda played the account balance close to the line.(something we never do)When 7 small transactions were never put through(all under $10) Two days later they push the transactions through making us receive 6 overdraft fees.($192) They obviously realized that we wouldn't notice the small transactions and hid them long enough to make their Christmas bonus. Please don't let this bank swindle you out of your hard earned money.


Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Banking Service.

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:cry You're exactly right! That's the way they did us too!

Me and my fiancee were swindled after they reeled us in with the hundred dollar lure. Of course they are planning to get make that back and much more, many times over because just like First Merit, they re-stack little charges like McDonald's and Burger King, the Post Office, etc. from Monday and have them waiting as Pending all the week long until something big tries to go through, like a house payment, late Thursday night. So long after the McD's and B.K.'s have been paid and gotten their money they restack 'em all and Friday your paycheck, even direct deposit, cash deposits, whatever are listed as pending but such a small amount because they just compounded all their profits at the expense of the common hard-working folks like us who can least afford their constant windfall bonuses!

This is why the government is cracking down and limiting the damage U.S. Bank, Chase, and Bank of America can do to a certain number at a time. But they are giving them so much time to prepare.

It is going to be like they tried to crack down on pay-day lending places, (which were charging $15/hundred for 2 weeks) some of which rearranged their fees so that they are even making more now! With greedy rich bastards like these they always find loopholes so they can get right around any laws and do it again.