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Months ago I bought a property in Costa Rica. Our use Chase to do a wire transfer which was a huge mistake.

The bank manager was unable to do it because they didn't have authorization. I came back the following day and the employee was from a different branch, I was unable to make the wire transfer. I had to travel to different branch and redo all the paperwork. It took two weeks for the wire to go there and there were all kinds of excuses that they gave.

Yet when I asked them how long would take they said it takes 3 to 5 days which was BS,. Next issue 2 1/2 months later sending money to my partner through Zell/Chase updated all my information with the help of a representative. Information did not take and wasted 2 1/2 hours on the phone speaking with numerous employees.. The zell money transfer was for a measly $5000.

It said it had to be approved and it was declined twice. I called up and wasted so much time they kept asking what the money was for which is none of their business! and how I knew the individual I was sending the money to… None of their business. At the time I gave them the information they requested.

It was still declined three times. Asked to speak to the supervisor who could barely understand her broken English, from the Philippines which is where their phone center for the fraud department. I was told I can only send $2000 next call I was told I could send up to $5000. It didn't matter what I sent it was declined.

I will be closing my accounts at this incompetent bank I suggest you try Wells Fargo. Citibank is terrible and so is Bank of America I would never use either one of these trash institutions again. I've had personal savings and business with them for several years and I'm closing both.

I'm fed up with *** customer service and lack of knowledge and dealing with overseas idiots. I've wasted over two hours today on the phone with them so if I seem pissed *** yes I'm pissed!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Do not Use Chase bank.

Chase Bank Cons: Nothing other than basic banking, Employee knowledge, Customer service, Resolution to issues.

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The first transaction which ended up being a wire was for over 80K it was way over the zell limit, I was told I had to come in for the wire to a branch. Transaction and most recent, yesterday..

Kept getting rejected and they asked for more information. I called to give the whatever for Maisch and I needed it was still rejected. I'm a long-time customer in good standings. Too many excuses and too much time on the phone I close my account this morning.

Amazingly they did have an attitude today. I will be opening up other Chase accounts to receive the $600 that they are offering which must be kept in for at least 90 days.

On the 91st day I will close the account and continue this for as long as they were put up with me. *** them.


why didn't you do the wire online? takes like 30 seconds to enter - and zelle? I've never had an issues doing zelle transfers