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If you have an account at Chase Bank, PLEASE get rid of it before you get sick or pass on as they will hassle, stall, interfere and ignore your children when they try to straighten out your affairs. This is done so Chase can get as many fees as they can before the accounts are closed and I am sure that was what my Mother wanted, to give Chase what little she had in her account. They will provide the opposite of service to your loved ones.

Chase personnel will patronize your family when you call for assistance and ever claim that it is their "legal" department that requires your family member to travel out of state to personally deliver original document to the local branch when every other bank and credit union were fine with faxed copies. Then, when they get there, there will be some other reason why Chase in unable to help you. All over your Mother $1200 account. The longer they stall the more fees they can assess on her account.

I have closed all my personal accounts with Chase and tell everyone I know to stay away from them this includes all business accounts which are even worse to deal with. Bottom line Chase treats your money like their money because one way or another it will become their money. .

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same is my issue 4 years since mom passed away


Chase bank are crooked ***


I agree. As Administrator of an Estate, I am having more problems with Chase than any other venue.

The inefficiency and lack of knowledge (representative explained S.S. payments for deceased totally contrary to the S.S. Department regulations) is incredible for a financial institution.

Their handling of IRA accounts is suspicious to me. I, too, will be cancelling any association with Chase for myself.


Amen to that scary thought thugs ! :(


When a loved one passes the thing to do is simply go and remove all money in the account telling no one not even the bank of your loved ones passing because the accounts are automatically frozen and goes into probate for the courts to decide which can take months even years.