Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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Long story in short version..daughter got into an argument with customer service the following week she had a repo man come to her house and because

she ran and got into her vehicle and would not get out the man pulled a gun

on her with her small kids watching. This is factual not made up there are police reports now repo man is claiming that my daughter pulled gun on repo man and now Chase is suing my daughter stating she is holding their property and is also throwing $17,000 dollars in interest fees.

Chase called her the next night after incident and was apologizing for the gun and repo man it was all a mistake..........ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

ask my grandkids what they remember looking out with a pistol being held to their mothers head. I have hired the best lawyer I can afford CHASE IT IS NOT OVER YOU BIG BULLIES.......

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Your daughter is a low life piece of *** that is free loaded on society and the reason us tax payers have to bail out the banks. Your daughter should repay her debt and not have kids if she can't afford them.


Regardless if money is due, in a civil matter, as such, you do not pull a gun of an unarmed individual because he or she will not get out of a car. Where is the logic?

Sounds like long-sharking to me.

In such a case, you call the police. Alternatively, you just sue. Yes, money is due. And yes!

The buyer has an obligation. Nevertheless, to pull a gun? What if the gun was loaded, and what if it would have accidentally discharged and caused injury or worse death to someone?

Do not change the fact that a gun was pulled. If you do, you are bias.


Sounds like your daughter is a loser who spreads her legs for any man and doesnt pay for her bills. I assume she is on social assistance?


Your daughter borrowed money and hasn't repayed it back. Whe she repays the bank, the problem is solved.


Your daughter ows the bank money. When she repays the money that she borrowed, the problem will be solved.