1837 E 80th Ave, Merrillville, IN 46410
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Update by user Jul 23

My daughters account is connected to mine. She was at work and couldn't use her card for lunch at work so I had to go take her some lunch. She was so confused and frustrated about why she couldn't use her card.

Original review posted by user Jul 23

I went into the branch in Merrillville Indiana by the mall (2 other branches I like closed down) because of an insufficient funds problem. Me and the manager exchanged words .

Tried to use my debit card and its blocked.

customer service says I will get a letter telling me Chase is cutting their ties with me and closing my account. I will be visiting the Attorney Generals office; talking to 7 on your side and good ole social media!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Chase Bank Pros: Been with them since 2008, Multipe branches.

Chase Bank Cons: Branch is no longer open that i had a relationship with.

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They are bunch of liars


Lol...hello bank manager!! Hope all is well!!

Nice comment!! The Attorney Generals office doesn’t think the same as you!!


Oh no...Here we go..Another variation of "you must work for (insert company I'm mad at). This is a loser's comment often used when someone doesn't agree with their banal and lame narrative.


Fam ...read all the comments about Chase closing accts and not notifying customers!!


Please i need help


Contact the attorney general s office


" insufficient funds problem." Oh, come on...Sounds like you messed up your account and ended up messing up your daughter. If you think she's confused now, wait until you have to explain to her that it's your fault her money isn't right.

Let her go and establish her own account before you drag her down with you. Please define an "insufficient funds problem" You're spending money you don't have aren't you?

So sad.... Look, if you can't keep money in a bank account, you sure as sand can't afford an attorney.


With customers like the original poster the bank will go out of business before you can bat an eye, shesh learn to keep track of your account better, this isn’t the bank’s fault, this is your daughters fault


Again .. learn to read!!

They are closing a bunch of branches already!!

Poor business practices!! I’ve had this acct since 2008 and has never had this encounter before!!


Its the one across from South Lake Mall. I see why the branches are closing!!!!

Maybe get an attorney!!

Sharks....so many complaints about Chase!! So sad


Yes you should, do us a favor and video your meeting with the attorney general and a private attorney, can’t wait to see them laughing at you for honestly believing your daughters mistake is the bank’s responsibility, the only mistake chase made was having you both as customers


Fam you can’t read or comprehend!! What are you talking about... my daughter s mistake!!