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On June 13,2016 multimillion dollar bank Chase cleared a counterfeit check sent to my daughter in the mail $1820. After the funds cleared, Craigslist scammer coerced her to send $1420 of the released funds to Western union. She did bc the bank gave her the go ahead to access the funds. Hours later the check was determined to be a fraud and reversed the deposit. Problem is she sent the cleared funds to the scammers at western union who are supposed to photo ID and legit info.

Now she's the criminal bc she doesn't have the $1420 to cover the bad check that Chase bank vouched for.

Where are fail safes on this? Craigslist posted the scam. Chase bank didn't do their job

To caution the funds release and vet he counterfeit check. And Western union allowed a man with legit IDs take the money and run. And a college student hungry for a job is now working to pay Chase Bank back their money that never existed. All 3 companies : Craigslist , Chase bank and Westen Union should have known better, looked out for the student and not released the funds. Reputable garbage companies: Craigslist scammer , western union let a thief collect the money and Chase is the biggest criminal of all bc they cashed a counterfeit fake check. And let the girl accessed the funds.

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Tomball, Texas, United States #1192295

I blame the parents for not teaching their children. When will people take accountability for the poor choices they make?

Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #1181365

Checks deposited at a bank are made available... This does not mean that they have been collected from the paying bank.

There is a disclosure on receipts stating this. It is funny how everybody wants to blame other people when they do not do their research.

Educate your daughter ... Place the blame where it belongs.

San Mateo, California, United States #1181289

Really? I think you need to re-evaluate who is at fault here.

Generic scam like that, you deserve to lose the $1400. Smarten up.

San Mateo, California, United States #1181288

I think you should concerned about the gullibility of your daughter rather than blaming three other companies for actually doing what they're supposed to do. The check was not cashed, it was just deposited, the bank allows her access to those funds as a courtesy but that does not need to check with properly cleared yet.

She should've known better when she got a check in the mail for doing nothing.

Hopefully she'll smarten up and learn nothing is free in this world.


Let me see if I fully understand the events that lead to your pissed-off perception of who's at fault for this unscrupulous scam before I pitch my two cents toward this pissedconsumer review and to which company I think you need to point the proverbial finger of blame.

Okay, your daughter received a check from an unknown unidentified sender from some transaction she had on Craigslist and deposited this $1820.00 CHECK in her account at her local Chase Bank and after confirming with the bank, she then sent $1420.00 through W.

U. back to the Craigslist conman probably after the unknown person told her he/she sent the wrong check or some other well planed story.

Well, so far am I close? Great, then here we go, out of the five parties involved who's name comes up the most?

That's right your daughter's! One of the oldest scams next to my rich Nigerian great uncle from a desolved marriage to a goat left me 16 billion dollars and if you deposit $10 I'll give you half... Wester Union doesn't care as long as the person on the transfer has identification, Craigslist is not legally bound to immorally posted ads, and Chase Bank found the check to be fraudulant but your daughter couldn't think for herself and tell the conartist that she would send a money order back to them, but instead fell for one of the oldest scams still going and only losing $1820 plus whatever bank penalties but you should be greatfull that it was only a monetary loss. Be proud because it sounds like your Apple didn't fall far from your tree...

MY DISCLAIMER: I apologize if I have offended you in any way.

I do not, I have not, nor will I ever work for any of these people/companies.

Thank God!

Please think who may or may not be at fault before you start *** & complaining, and learn from the situations you could have controlled.

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