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I've never used them before, nor will I ever again. My father-in-law has recently been laid off, and an intent to help him and my mother-in-law with their bills, I decided to send him some cash through their Chase account.

Because, that's what family is for. Only to be told that only policyholders can deposit cash into an account. Mind you, I had already stood in line for 10 minutes because I had one teller and a line out the door, so I get up there only to be told that they don't except cash deposit but I can go to the drugstore right behind the store and buy a money order.

So, not only were they understaffed, the teller was rude, and the sheer inconvenience of trying to help someone was ridiculous. I will gladly stick to my Regions Bank.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They do that for money laundering reasons. People in laundering rings go around depositing dirty money into different people's accounts until it's clean. Chase is just trying to protect themselves and their customers.

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