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Talk about a bank with horrible customer service. I was in Fort Worth today and unfortunately left my wallet where it should not be.

I have been doing some home remodeling for a friend there and they paid me for the work I had done. It was over 2000.00 and I did not want to have to carry it around with me during the day. So I went to the local Chase bank to deposit it into my checking account. Since my check book did not have any deposit slips I got the teller to send out a deposit slip.

I filled it out with my account number on it. Sent it in and then get this response from the teller and then the branch manager. I would have to give them my drivers license before they could deposit the money into my account. ????????????

I will not go into what happened next other than to say I went into the branch and asked them why? Because of their policy on money laundering???????? You have got to be kidding me. The manager says to me I don't know you so how do I know who you are, My response was do you have my account number , Yes, then look it up, You can be anyone she said, putting money into someone else's account??????????

How do you think I got the account number I asked, I don't know she said. I showed her my check book yet that did not make any difference. Believe it or not I was told to go elsewhere If I wanted to put cash money into my account.... So people out there don't try to put cash into your CHase bank unless you can prove who you are and especially if the branch manager is on a power trip.

She gave me a copy of their policy and it states first you have to have a bank account, with your name on it before they will put cash into your account Duh, then it states you may be asked for ID. Talk about some insanity in this world. If you don't have proof of who you are don't go near Chase bank, they don't seem to know they are in the service business. Oh wait they are a National bank who does not give a shxx who their customers are.

You have to be personally accuaninted with the physical people in any branch for them to want or care to put cash into your account. This branch as I have found out is natorious for this.

Even those who give their drivers license for transactions do not get them back until they ask for them. Stay away from the Chase bank in FortWorth on the corner of Basswood and Beach +++++++++++++

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Why do they need id for a deposit? You are not trying to take anything from them.

This situation with chase also happened to my boyfriend. He had to go buy money orders to deposit.

When he brought the money orders back they didn't even make him sign it or fill it out. WTF?

Cypress, Texas, United States #1189137

Don't be upset over something you didn't know. They said 'cash'.

You could've bought two money orders from a gas station or something and deposited it.

Also, no one cares about your ID. 10/10 Tellers need it to complete the transaction and that's all.


to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1199324

You don't know what you're talking about. Tellers do not require ID for most transactions.

I've worked in banking for over 12 years. Plus money orders cost money so unless chase wants to reimburse that cost, then that's not an option.


Wow! That's crazy.

Who would want to put moneybin someonw wlse's acoount firat of all and if its security purposes, they have cameras. I dont like chase banks nor thwir crediy cards anyways.

to Anonymous Cypress, Texas, United States #1189138

First, learn to spell.

Second, why would the bank go through their camera footage spending countless hours to see who is depositing into an account whenever they can just use their state issued ID?

Third, no one asked if you like the bank or their credit cards.


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