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I just learned a valuable lesson in using Chase QuickPay. The service offers no consumer protection like PayPal for disputes between buyer/seller.

I purchased tickets through Travel Agent and we opted to use Chase QuickPay as means of payment. The Travel Agent received the money and we received our E-Tickets. It turned out that the E-Tickets were never paid by the Travel Agency to the Airline, resulting in a cancellation of our ticket. No information was relayed to us until we tried to get a seat number 1 day prior to the travel date.

I tried contacting the Travel Agency and it turned out the Travel Agency shutdown their business frauding several customers. I called Chase to see if there was any protection against these cases to reverse the payment and they said no.

I have supporting documentation that fraud exists with the seller who is using Chase QuickPay as a means to receive funds.

Beware of using Chase QuickPay to pay for products or servicesl, especially now that Chase QuickPay is allowing anyone to setup an account, without owning a Chase Bank Account. There is no consumer protection.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Same thing just happened to me. I was scammed out of $4500 for a purchase I never received.

Chase said there is nothing they can do and I should have “bought the item in a store”!!!!!

Wtf?!?! I’m cancelling my account and filing a police report