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Was approved for a mortgage-

120 days later Chase was still requesting documents to clear to close.

I pulled my business but am out time, money, and credit score is low because of Chase process where I'm trying to get it back up to qualify again for a mortgage!

They found no wrongs in there internal investigation yet in writing they supplied new information that I never received!

I own mortgage insurance per Chase need to close, I paid taxes last week on the home per seller agreement since I couldn't close in time, and I was told to rent a car while underwriting was reviewing due to total vehicle loss and they mortgage banker didn't want me having my credit pulled.

Chase played a game with my money time and credit I want restitution! Help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

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Well I just had an equally bad issue with Chase Mort"gag"e Staff. I went and sought out a Pre-qualification about 6 months ago.

I received it without issue. Found home. Opened Excrow. Locked In Rate and then my Rep asked me if I had a short sale 3 and a half years ago.

I said yes, it has been on my credit report since it occurred. Crickets for two days until I called. Was told, "Bad News, Chase can't write your mortgage". Escalated to Manager, said I was responsible and their Pre-qualification really wasn't.

What a freakin JOKE!