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Everything that was written about Chase Paymentech is true. Not only they keep my money for more than a month, but also they leased me a $2000.00 wireless terminal that I never received.

Now I am paying for it, since I signed a contract. I contacted the person who sold me the terminal, but he told me that he had shipped out the terminal and that he did not care if I received it or not.. I tried to contact the management, but it was useless.They are all backing up one another.

I wasted so much time and energy but I never got the terminal I am paying for.

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The worst run company I have ever dealt with! I am the owner of my small business and they wont allow me the access to login to my own account. They will only deal with my secretary that was fired 2 months ago.


Chase are crooks! They lied and stole my money and sent in a lease 6 months after I signed it.

They took the price of a credit card machine out of my account after I signed a lease and when I complained they sent in the lease. Of course, by then I was no longer doing business with them.


Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, for the pictures of the teeth…Seriously, on a show called "Issues" they are covering this tonight. What next?? I like that show because they have interesting Point of view.


Our company was a victim of credit card fraud. Chase bank and Chase paymentech seized our account, treated us like criminals offered no assistance or help with this problem.

They charged us over two thousand dollars in fees and that amount is still climbing!They also got wells fargo to hold over 1,400.

dollars in that account. Do not do business with these companies!!


I've investigated this company and some of their business practices are outrageous. I'd like to hear more about your problems. Email me at


Actually you should blame Chase because if Chase let's these people do this then they are not holding their vendors accountable. Basically you are saying Chase does business with bad people and/or companies and that's ok?

Give me a break!

Don't go with Chase if they run a shop like that. Go with a company that does business with companies/people who care about their clients.


Let Me start by saying I hate Chase Paymentech. I hate the credit card processing industry as a whole but above all else I hate Chase Paymentech.

I hate the way their employees talk to me, they made me false promised, gave me false advise, told me its okay for me to process more then my estimated yearly processing transaction and then when my business grew unexpectedly took all my money and cancel my account. They never own up to their mistake, each department passed it on to another, they blamed me for not reading the fine print. What is the sales office for then?

Sell you on false information? These people are slimballs, I have since avoid doing cc processing with all company that used chase and as a consultant for many businesses I now advise all my clients to avoid well clear of this company and First Data.


I am going through a similar situation. Chase /Paymentech/ Payment Systems.

I was confronted by a salesman and we signed the contract . He was to send the contract via email. When he did we requested a guarantee of penalty coverage for penalties of cancellation of current carrier. He would not so we cancelled on he same day.

Next few months we received monthly charges. We called and filed a fraud report. They credited and all went well until last month 8 months later we received $1800.00 plus pulled from my avccount for cancellation of contract. They gave no notice , went thru Check Gateway then thru Merchant Processing Systems , and ended in Paymentech as the payee.

The Manager frankly told my to get legal representation if I want to do anything.

Basically So Sue Me.

Maybe they are leaches on Chase however I believe Chase needs to peel these maggots off.Or be responsible for their effects. They are predatory and organized crime any way you put it.


You know, many companies in this industry and salesman alike are mostly all sub contractors. You know your basic 1099 employees.

I am working for Indigo Payments we do all our transactions for Chase Paymentech. I am not 1099 I actually am an employee of the company with benefits. That is one difference there. I have a supervisor so it is not in my best intrest to upset you.

The 1099 type all they care about is getting there money and getting out. They don't really care if you get your terminal or not. But, they are not owned by Chase Paymentech nor do they work for a company that cares about customer service. What I am trying to say here is this, this individual got what he wanted which was your money and now he doesn't care.

He is not an employee of Chase, so it is not any fault of Chase, and they are not responsible for you not recieving your terminal. That is your fault for not checking this person out a little better. There are a lot of fly by night companies out there that do this kind of thing and make the rest of us look bad. We are not all like that nor do we or Chase do business like that.

You got a bad apple and it taste like ***. I understand but don't stereo type us all and don't blame Chase.