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My husband and I are in the process of opening a brokerage account with JP Morgan Chase. The process which should have been smooth and quick has been shabby.

The financial advisor who proudly displays "VP Investments" on his business card has been such a nightmare to work with. He's misplaced paperwork, had us go in 3-4 times to fill out redundant paperwork and has made mistakes in the documentation. I had great expectations out of Chase but much to my chagrin the process has been messy and poorly coordinated. I am annoyed that this was handled so poorly.

I need to convey this to someone at Chase.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Financial Advisor.

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I am one of the few folks who is consistently paying on time. Chase decided not to post my electronic payment.

I had proof I'd paid for April, and yet until I contacted the Feds they lied and refused to post. Company should be shut down. Rude folks, no one knows what's going on--never have the same rep so they have no clue.

It's a study on how not to run a business. Gov't should take it over.


They are pushing up the rates on all thier loan account even credit cards, I was able to change out the morgage, but I have a 3.99% fixed rate on a consolidation balance tranfere loan on my chase C.C card with a balance of now of $22000 (started at $32000 two yrs ago), where I paid min. of at least 2% = $440 a mo.

(paying extra when I have it), well they chase decides that since they could not get away with ripping me off on the morgage, they would try to rip me off on the C.C. account. First the increased the min. payment to 5% in mid month after they had sent me the the monthly statement w/$440 min.

payment. I sent them $500 and they gave me a $39 late fee and said the min. was now $1010 and I owed them $1580 min. next mo.

or they would default to 29.99% interest.I paid them $2000 to clear and back payments. I asked them why and the supervisor accually said it was because they were not making big money on me. The supervisor after paying down $2000 also, offered me a 9.99% changeover rate for 2 years w/ a 5% bal. trans.

on the now $20000 = $1000 fee. This was an Chase trying to default the account to 29.99% or 2.5% monthly interest., then when I cought up with my emergence fund, they tried again w/ a higher limited time rate W/ A $1000 FEE TO BOOT!! I told them that they had caught me off balance, but I would stick with the low 3.99 year for the life of the loan, that I would just be paying it of quicker and each payment bring the monthly min. down.

If you have any kind of loan, C.C.,morgage, or business loan , transfer the balance to another bank as so as posible, and if chase really gets you behind the money train eightball, going bankrupt is always a option. Avoid doing business with them if you can!!!


I was pre approved by Chase.

They never sent any papeer work

They asked for more documentation than two other lenders who funded the same type of loan.

They never responded we had to close the deal with a hard money loan.

This is dicrimination because we are over qualified.


Im in the process of buying a second home. In Augus 08 I consulted a loan officer a JP Morgan Chase bank and told that I was preapproved.

I recived a letter from the loan officer to use as a decleration of pre-approval. In November 08 I had still not found a house and consulted with the loan officer on the current state of the market and received another more current pre-approval letter. On December 12, 2008 I placed a bid that was accepted well under what I was pre-approved for with an estimated closing date of the 29th of December. Two days before the orginal closing I was informed by Chase's Loan Officer that they had an issue with the sellers paying $6000.00 in closing cost which was one of the stipulations in the orginal contract that was approved by the sellers on the 12th and received by the bank on the 14th of December.

This could have came out ealier for us to rewrite the contract and close on the orginal date. We had to extend until the 9th of January because of this. On the 5th of January I received a letter from Chase's Underwrite stamped approved on the loan. On the 8th one day before closing I was told by the bank that they did not have the certificate of elligibilty from the VA for the loan and that they could not proceed without it.

(HOW DID I GET AN APPROVED LOAN STATEMENT ON THE 5TH WITH OUT THIS). Hence forth we extended until the 22nd of January to allow them enough time to get the letter from the VA. On the 16th with no word from the bank I contacted the VA to find the status of the certificate of eligibility. The VA informed me that JP Morgan Chase bank received the letter on the 12th of January and had not informed so we could proceed to make the purchase of the house and stated that it was still in underwriting.

After several phone calls by myself and my realitor underwriting finished with the documents by that afternoon all that is left for the bank to do is e-mail the packet to the title company so they can perform there job.

Today is January 19th and they have still not sent the packet to the title company. I would erge anyone thinking about getting a home loan TO NOT GO through JP Morgan Chase bank as the standard seems to be proffesional incompentence.


I called to enlist in JPMorgan's accelerator program. The representative enrolled me in the program never advising that in the month I enrolled a mortgage note was due.

Thinking that with in the following month all payments would be taken out as scheduled and they were not. I called and customer service advised I was now 2 months behind. The misrepresentation led to me paying late charges and having to come up with 2 months worth of mortgage. I was penalized for their misrepresentation without rationality.

It is vey difficult to pay through their online system based on how they have it set up. They will put your payments in principals when it should be toward your mortgage note and talk to you as though they doing you a favor by moving the payments where they belong. Dealing with JP Morgan has been monetary on the behalf of the consumer, and total nightmare. I gave them my bank account number they missed numbers logged my account as being delinquent and my bank stated JPMorgan never tried to obtain any payment.

Again, I could not understand their incompetence, but they speak to you like you the villain, incompetent *** instead of them. I wish desperately that my loan never reached the hands of JPMorgan. They need to revamp their total program and wipe out every single individual.

This company is a prime example of the left hand having no idea what so ever what the right hand is doing. Good luck to all that fall in the grasp of JPMorgan.