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My wife and I have been going through the same problems as literally everyone else trying to get a loan mod from Chase. We started the process in March of 2009. We submitted 206 pages of documents. They told us that we were the perfect candidates for the program and that we'd hear something in 30 - 60 days. We kept calling for updates and 3 months later, they told us that they just realized it was all sent to the wrong department. Since then, we have re-submitted the entire package at least three more times. They have requested some of the same individual documents 4 or 5 times in some cases.

They assigned us to a person on the executive resolution team who rarely called us when she said she was going to and pretty much snubbed our emails. Each time we thought we were making progress, they would change our contact person. This happened three times after being assigned the first contact. It took us three weeks to get in contact with anyone at one point because they "accidentally" assigned us to a person who was on sick leave. If you are sent to the executive resolution team, don't think that you're making progress. They do no more than anyone else.

This is just scratching the surface of what we've dealt with. If any company was this incompetent, they would've gone out of business ages ago (unless, of course, the government loans them several billion dollars to keep going).

What discourages me most is not the actions of Chase, but the fact that everyone knows exactly what they're doing and nobody seems to care to do anything about it. This isn't just a small number of people in this position, it millions!!!!

People like myself aren't in a position to do much. The media doesn't seem to care enough to raise a stink. Politicians locally can't do anything because... well, they're local politicians. The rest of them are only concerned with being re-elected and are probably given some sort of incentive by the banks to look the other way. Or maybe your average senator never has been and never will be in a position where he or she is looking at foreclosure.

I guess that the only thing to do is to vote against all of the incumbents. If someone is running for re-election, I'm going to vote for the other person. I no longer think that one party is going to be a bigger help than the other. They're two different sides of the same *** sandwich.

I'd love to see everyone else in my position do the same thing. Vote the people who are in office out of office and tell them why. Maybe when the next batch of reps arrive, they'll see that their jobs aren't guaranteed and that we are the ones who give them these jobs. They're working for us, not the corporations. Without us voting them in, they aren't going to be in a position where they can get all of the perks that come with the job.

Just a thought. Then again, I don't own a bank, so what do I know?

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Loan.

Monetary Loss: $465.

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We have been sending paperwork in for 2 years and still no modification decision. It's a joke.

Transferred to numerous reps over and over, gone to underwriting at least 4x and it's a never ending cycle. I have a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney ready to go to save our home if needed.

We can make arreas payments that way if we need to. Chase loan modification is a joke, someone needs to get a class action suit going.


I went through {the process} of attempting loan modification 7 times finally wrote to Jamie Diamond head of Chase Bank who had his assistant call me who sent me to some one else and he was was so scared of the result he could hardly talk to me. We filled reams of paper work for the 8TH time and I was then sent a letter stating that they, the experts at Chase had determined I make too much money for a loan modification.

I am researching the percentage of people who actually receive a mortgage refi from Chase verses the percent of failed people who MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY FOR A MODIFICATION. Pity the poor person who actually thinks this is a real prospect for a refi.


I am a little late getting in on this one....but It's EVIL....you are right....it makes no sense. They are doing this to thousands of families.

AND...it is stealing. No one has the right to close an account. AND it is not "their money". They sell the loans months after they get them.

Bottom line. It is stealing. I have been fighting them for 3 years now. I have never been later AND never missed a payment.

So...you can take your BS and eat it. This is a serious problem that is effecting so many people.

Including the children that live in these homes. IT IS STEALING.


Since April 2009 I have tried & tried with these jokers ("paperwork is outdated or improperly filled out" x 6)

Today is 05-08-2011 = 26 months of 'trying'.I even hired a mort. mod attorney who has gotten nowhere.

Looks like CHASE is a fraud -- or just waiting until "the funds are all gone".


Yep, I thought because I was a newly divorced person, that they lost the paperwork may have been legimate. Well, it actually was on somebodies desk.

I had to mail them a check for $500.00 some dollars to cover the costs of the transfer, well. Because I couldn't make enought money without being a two family income, they couldn't take his name off of the loan papers. The court took his name off of the house obligation? I called Chase and told them, he was to be removed from the loan papers and was willing to sign new papers or whatever.

They informed me that they don't go by court ruling and because my x signed the papers, his name will remain on them. Well as you may have figured I did not qualify for the Chase's home modification because I don't make enough money. When I called them before I sent them the modification money, I told them that I don't make enough money to qualify, that's why I was trying to get a modification. I am currently paying that 7% on a 250,000.00 loan.

Do they care, like you say CHASESUCKIT, no one is really at the other end of the phone. I am not sure that voting for the other guy will solve the problem. Who will stand up for our rights?

Got a telephone #? Let me tell you, if your calling me to get money out of me, you might as well look for that dern turnip.


go to Benifical mortgage and lookwhat they have done to so many people there should be a law against this


They're stealing my home. We got three months behind when we were preappoved for the mod process.

When they started the process they refused any houspayment.

We told them we could make two at that time and be one behind, but wanted to lower our payments so we went through the process. You all know the ***, hundreds of phone calls, hold for hours, no one has a clue. It took until May to get approved, offered payments they wouldn't take. However in May we got out statement we had been approved.

It said send no money and basically a payment schedule would be coming. We again offered house payments, told we can't receive them. That made sense since I guess they have to base everything on a number and if you made house payments, the loan process would change. After the approval we waited months for the new schedule, saving up to be ready when payments came due.

We called three weeks ago about when our payment plan would be coming and was told our house had been placed on auction. How can they do that, approve you, then never tell you you were later disapproved and sell your home. They now want 19K, cover payments, legal fees, late fees, ect..They approve us, disapprove us and don't tell us then want us to pay all their legal fees.

My house is back on auction this week. I don't even have time to sell it and I have 70K in equity.


After dealing with their bs for a year now......making nine months of trial payments on time, they turned me down "didn't receive paperwork". I'd like to be a little bird hovering over them...I wonder what they really do there, because it's not working on our modifications.

It is a scam and when you think about it, who is there to talk to you when you've already spoken to everyone......what the *** are they doing??????? And absolutely, no-one wants to step up to the plate, while Chase puts us all in foreclosure.



It's EVIL not EVEL and a bank has a right to close any account they want to close after all it is/was THEIR MONEY. If the account has never been late and is not even due for a few more days then your wife must have opted out of some change or your wife is late now.

It makes no sense at all that a bank would close down an account that has never ever been late and payments are being made on time right now? I CALL BULL ***


chase closed my wife account and payments been on time and payment due in 2 days chase is evel bank