Los Angeles, California

Update: After registering a formal complaint about my loan modification experience (still going on for 18 months now) with my representative, Lois Capps, I am still getting the run around with JPMorgan Chase. I am still in the "review" process and they once again asked for more documentation "to go to underwirting." It is the exact same story line I have been in since January 2009 when I first filed my application. I am still in the "3 Month Trial Period" created by JPMorgan Chase.

I suggest to anyone who reads this is to write your local congress person, representative, and register a formal complaint about the conduct of your bank of which you are in loan modification "application" stage. Keep a clear log of all conversations and document everything. Ask for the names of each customer service representative you talk to. Send copies of all your status to the media. Because somehow and someway this treatment we are given by the banks and JPMorgan Chase will be heard. I want and need this loan modification. I won't give up. Someday all of this unfair, unreasonable and clearly intentional behavior from JPMorgan Chase will come out and they will have to be accountable. They created this financial mess by very bold financial set up, and our country is suffering through the obvious plan for the banks to undermine any type of help to recover the financial woes of this recession. And all along they were bailed out. It's so demoralizing to see and feel this.

Keep writing. Be clear and carry on.

May we all flourish.

Lisa Sands

Santa Barbara, CA

  • Lois Capps
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I am interested of finding a loan with JPMorgan

but I living in cote d'ivoire (west africa).

Thanks for answer.

email: malicksene22@yahoo.fr


I am looking for individuals to join me in a potential Class Action lawsuit against Chase Bank for violating my home owner rights and failing to follow Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) guidelines. Ifyou were approved for the trial period, made all of your scheduled payments on time,in New York State andthen you were denied for a modification, please contact me. joejoe1815@gmail.com


Yes the same happened to us we did finally get another chance at the modification but it was ***. My fiancé was beating me up in the middle of his night mares I would have to wake him up just before he was going to hit me.

I .would get kicked punched you name it stress does awful things to people. Even though we got the second modification it took another year believe to get it after sending fax after fax after fax after fax. We know exactly what you are going through we are planning on suing this company.

I'm sure that they tacked on illegal fees and money on to the end of our loan we are going to get an attorney. Its been a year since we have gotten this modification and the more we think about it the more we are determined to do something about it.


i have been in a trial mod then a perm mod,only for chase to take away the perm mod saying they screwed up and short changed the escrow

this is one of the worst Banks to deal with

oh by the way i started my mod back in Nov 2008 and stll have nothing


Chase is also giving us the run around on our second mortgage loan modification application! We have been trying to send them our application several times in the last 3 month.

We have faxed, emailed, certified mail, and even faxed it through their own branch and they still say they haven't received it! This whole process is so frustrating and stressful!

How can they get away with treating people like this?! Is there anything we can do to expose and stop their unfair treatment and practices?!


everyone needs to call the FTC and complain. :(


We sent all our paperwork in not once but 8 different times. We have been wainting over a year for our loan mod papers so we could find out what our payments are and sign the paperwork to get the trial period going.

Have not heard 1 word from Chase. Then today we get the mial and there is a letter from Chase telling us our Loan Modification trial perios expired!!!! How can this be when we have not received any paperwork or even any return phone calls from this bank?

Can anyone please help us keep our home???? We did everything they told us to do and time and time again sent the same paperwork.


have you had any contract offered you via e-mail.We are would like to talk to you.We live in San Luis Obispo. we are starting a "class action" please e-mail us at monami77@hotmail.com


Lisa, we have been going through the exact same thing since Jan 09. It's very stressful.


I am on the same boat.. they just screwed up my acct, thats what they did.

after advising me not to pay and was put on trial payment they denied me. They submitted again my form and lets see how is it gonna come out.