San Marcos, California
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Chase begged for my money as I had large amount in savings there. They relentlessly hounded me and said they could do better, well they lost 7% or 14,000 in one year in their "safe" fund then they kicked me out of the :Chase Private Client" after I complained, they do not know the first thing about making money, only fee's and they are glorified bank tellers, AVOID,AVOID, AVOID.

Especially Mike Dellisant in Encinitas California he is the worst of all, I hadn't walked out the door and he invested all 200,000 in one of Chase's funds, I'm sure the one that pays him the most money management fee, the he had the nerve to want more in a few days, TOTAL *** AND LIGHTWEIGHT.

DON'T INVEST THEIR OR LOSE MONEY. Also advised me to not sell as fund went straight down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The SEC fined Chase $267 million for excess fees for their underperforming funds.


Chase Private Client are for people that aren't qualified to be brokers at any of the big firms, TOTAL LOSERS, WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY.