Chicago, Illinois

While having an appointment and arriving twenty minutes earlu, the personal banker

ignored that I was the only one sitting waiting for her arrival. She arrived talked with

her friends went past me into her small working area. Another couple arrived sat in

the area I was in. From her desk she asked if she could help them. They went into

her office. I said nothing even though she saw me waiting in her area. I had

already waited 30 minutes and 20 minutes later she continued talking to the couple.

I had to leave after waiting an hour.

She could have asked who is next, or who is first. this is typical service it appears

because six young female workers were waling as if no one new what was going on.

Worrying about internet problems is bad enough. Adding young confused women

is making me wonder if I should look for a bank where the employees are more mature

and know how to treat clients. This occurred at a Chase bank on Weber road in

Bolingbrook, Illinois. 12/29/2014.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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