Stone Mountain, Georgia

its good to see that my husband and i are not alone!i thought i was reading post about our very situation! after 2 years of doing everything chase asked of us and filling out and faxing of paperwork we are called and told we were denied for a loan modification and we need over $4000.00 to bring our mortgae current, and we did not miss a payment...

now 100.00 reduction in the forebearance doestn come to 4 grand! But they want to send us the paperwork to fill out again (a 4th time) is this a cycle we are supposed to do until we cant repay them when they say declined so they can take our home? YEA WE ARE PISSED!

to boot our credit had no dings all of a sudden we have been reported as non paying with chase for 8 months...and i have cancelled checks! this is so no one can help us out of the mess they put us in!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $4398.

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Last year my husband and I separated and are now going through a divorce. My father has had both legs amputated at different times in the past year.

He lives with me and needs medical attention and supplies that are not covered by his insurance. I work a full time job and have to pay someone to care for him while I'm at work. He took good care of me while I was a child and I enjoy having him with me in my home. He is mentally alert and worries about the state of our home constantly.

I've attempted to modify my loan with Chase several times. Each time it has taken them over 5mos just to deny my modification. When speaking to their representatives they want to have you think they care. I have in good faith shown Chase that I want to keep my home.

I've always managed to come out of foreclosure. However I've exhausted all avenues of coming out this time. My home was never worth what it was appraised for however the representative was desparate to give me the loan and had an appraiser make sure it appraised when the first appraisal did not make it. All I and most need is a fresh start.

I've since closed all of my accounts with banks and only use my credit unions. The banks are not being honest and are only interested in investors. Families that have been in their homes for years and never late before now are suffering and the banks does not take any of this into consideration. Many of my friends and family members have chosen to use thier credit unions for all of thier financial needs including mortgages and vehicles.

The loss of my home may be a blessing it is certainly not the end of the world and one can always start over. So I say to those of you going through the same situation cut your losses and let the banks have their homes and their investors. I know people that have walked out of their homes and are doing much better mentally and financially.

Lesson Learned is not to sign any contracts without having a attorney look them over and explain. The Pick-A-Pay loans were a horrible and more needs to be done for loans of that type to be illegal.


well i started my loan modification in October 18/2010.and today I got a call from the guy that I m working with telling me that i don't qualified for the loan mods because i don't make enough income.I thought these loan mods was to hep those that need help . :sigh however he did told me that i can looked in to the short sale...


CHASE has also caused us much grief! Been turned down 2 times for a remod.

Now my once stellar credit has been ruined and we are behind on our mortgage and they still won't help us! Anyone looking to file a petition or lawsuit against CHASE please contact me


I have been trying to get a loan modification since 8/09. Sent paperwork 5 times already - they lose the paperwork then claim they never got it at all.

Then they call you daily to tell you the loan is late (NO KIDDING that's why I want a modification). They shut off my access to pay my mortgage online, I have to send a ck or pay by phone which costs you $10 a pop! WTF?? NOW, they randomly decided to pay my homeowners insurance for me which I do NOT escrow - only taxes are escrowed.

Just spent 54 mins on phone being transferred back and forth between different depts becuase NO ONE at Chase seems to have a clue. This bank is a joke. The modification programe is JOKE.

They don't have a clue what they are doing. I HATE CHASE!


I got denied after a year, sending in doc after doc. Recently went to one of their Homeowners Events, They told me the real reason I was denied and not what was on their basic form denial letter, we went back through all of our financials, tells me it should be a go, although we still had to submit and wait for the real answer, says they were taking the applications real seriously and that they have been hearing how they have not gotten help to the people who need it in a timely fashion.

Tells me and my wife that because we went to this event that we should have an answer in 3 weeks, well I called after the 4th week, and guess what, they haven't even touched my application, imagine that! Then the person in imminent default tells me that I have to resign and fax in a new 4506T form to reopen my case, what the ***, they have a new one, I signed it in front of the guy at the event and he faxed it not me, she tells me they can not manually enter it into the system, ok, I am no *** here, I am going to fax it, it will go into their system as a pdf, they already have the pdf. They guy at the event says, you do not have to do anything else, you have all your docs, you'll know soon.

BS, this whole Modification thing Obama came up with is BS, I bet if someone did some research, they would find that most of the mods done were for politicians, friends of the higher ups at chase and their relatives. I keep getting stroked around and they just laugh


I read they were taken to court, and Obama gave them so many days to start making decisions about their loan mods or they were going to get in trouble. So to postpone their loans mods, they are just sending out denial letters, stating you never sent them the paperwork.

I love how sometimes the letters state "you must give us the information within five days" and the letter will be dated may 1 and you receive it may 20 because they obviously hold it. I once had them send me a letter stating I needed to sign the following documents and their were no documents. Sadly you need to get a lawyer.

After four long hours on the phone with them, I was able to apply my overcharged escrow to my account, and fix my mortgage. The load mod just seems impossible with them.


This is how they wear you down for the foreclosure. You need an audit.

Endless Fraud Detection dot com can provide just that. They have an audit that can provide information as to who the holder/s are.

They can even provide the litigation paperwork ready for your lawyer to add a few things and file into court. It's time we start auditing their mortgages and make them pay for the fraud.