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Dear Bish,

Just read your complaint. Gosh, this is so true. I am now refiling for another loan modification after 20 long months. I was turned down for a permanent loan modfication because Chase said I have too much equity. Now that is that insane or what?!! All I am trying to do is keep my home during this economic down turn that the banks created. The recent hault to foreclosures in only 23 states is so that Chase will not be looked at so much by the government. It is all coming out in the press "slowly." Chase and other banks are being paid by the insurance companies for the foreclosure for the amount of your loan. So they have no interest in refinance on any terms, and now since our credit is ruined, since you can't even apply for a loan modification without being 60 days late, you can't go out and get another loan. It is all obvious intentional destruction through unfair business practices.

I looked into a Class Action Suit with one firm in Chicago: Edleson and they are not taking any more applicants. However, we will all be part of one sooner or later when that Class Action Suit is approved for trial, because "anyone" who has filed for a loan modification will be listed and contacted.

So much to deal with, however we are all in this together.



Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Loan.

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Kristi and anyone in David Wu's office...they have a department handling the HAMP issues. The woman I spoke to contacted the treasury dept and my modification was done about 5 weeks after. (Wells Fargo.)You just need a bigger stick!



I really am frustrated , I also have been turned down 3 times for a motification. I lost my husband 16 months ago. I do not have the income that we used to. He was the provider.

I have spent many hours on the phone with sooo many different people. Can't get anywhere. I finally emailed a letter to our STATE SENATOR.... RON WYDEN, to ask if there is anyway possible he can assist me with this problem.

He was able to get through for someone I know. They were with WELLS FARGO though. If there was a way to sue this money hungy company I sure would like to.

any advice would be helpful. thanks kristi