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To follow up in my posting:

At the end they ended up not accepting the power of attorney.

This power of attorney was done by an actual lawyer.

Original review posted by user Mar 06, 2014

On Saturday March 1 of 2014 I went to my Chase local branch to open an account jointed with my mom in which I have power of attorney for. After speaking with Luigi Vergani, the banker that took care of me, he told me he had to fax the power of attorney to their legal department. After he did he was told that it needed further review and it will be done within 24 to 48 hours.

On Tuesday March 11 I went back to the bank to find out if it was reviewed. When Luigi called the legal department he was informed that it wasn't done yet. When I asked to speak with the branch manager I was told that he wasn't in so I asked to speak with the assistant manager. She told me that it can usually take up to 72 hours. Today Thursday March 6 being that it was past the 72 hours I went by the branch to see if it was done and after speaking with the branch manager and he inquiring with the legal department he told me that it has not been reviewed yet. I also speak with the district manager regarding this on a phone conference call at his office. While I was waiting at the branch to speak with the branch manager I received a phone call from the district manager which was the result of an e-mail I have sent earlier today to customer service via my account's secure messaging on their web site inquiring about this.

In conclusion I was told by the bank & district manager than until their legal department approves it there is nothing they could do. I told them that this was ridiculous since I have used this power of attorney for my mom to deal with everything for her. From buying a car, managing her phone, TV, electricity billing accounts to other things and never had this much of a problem. I told both the branch and district manager that I will be filing a complaint with several sources regarding this. I am currently a customer of their bank and have a checking and savings account with them.

I currently have an account joint with my mom at another bank; Ocean Bank; which I opened using the power of attorney on the same day but wanted to close that account and open it with Chase because Ocean Bank only has a few local branches and not as many branches everywhere and they are not as good as a bank as Chase is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

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I am having a similar problem with my father's Chase account. What was the end result?


To answer your question is actually quite simple. Anyone knows that saturday is not a business day,but a conveniece day.

Therefore anything you do saturday reflects as monday. The countdown of hours begin on tuesday. Since monday it shows you opened your account it takes one business day to process which means tuesday. 48hrs-72hrs after tuesday is thurday afternoon or friday.

Also keep in mind that people work from different time zones.