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DO NOT FINANCE WITH CHASE AUTO, unless you want to be harrassed in every way possible!

We had a vehicle financed by chase auto for about 2 yrs, at a high rate of interest. we CONSISTENTLY paid EVERY MONTH our car payment, but were always approx 15-20 days late and paying the late fee, etc. (Never had the extra money to catch up the one month we fell behind).


They called us ALL the time, were EXTREMELY RUDE, THREATENED US, called my husband's HR DEPT. and to top it off SHOWED UP AT OUR HOME IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN AND NEIGHBORS with letters demanding payment (employees from the local branches)! All over a car payment that was 15 DAYS LATE, no joke! I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED LIKE THIS!

They made us feel like criminals instead of customers. I WILL NEVER FINANCE WITH THEM AGAIN! In fact, we just sold our car and financed the new car with someone else- thank goodness!!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

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I financed with chase and paid till I lost my job. I made agreement to pay march 1 2012 and the 2 months i missed would put on the end of my loan.

I paid today set it up with the bank to be paid first thing. They took my truck last night. Now they tell me I don't qualify for my loan any longer they are calling it in by keeping my truck selling it for nothing and having me pay the rest. Why did they call me Feb 14,2011 and make the agreement if they had no intention of honoring it so now they have my truck and my payment.

Don't talk to any of these people on the phone make them send the paperwork through the mail or record every call they make. I filed with the states attorney


Chase has a pattern of abusing its customers and pushes the letter of the law often. Then, they simply act as they did nothing wrong to regulatory agencies.

That is why I am lobbying for an amendment to the FDCPA to include original contract holders like in-house collection departments like Chase Auto Finance. Google "WhyIHateChase" if you want more info.


I'm curious, since I had a car loan through Chase and never had a problem. #1 the grace days for car loans is 10 days not 15.

#2 did you ever contact the bank and ask them to adjust you payment date, they do it all the time since you say there was just 1 payment that kept you consistently behind. #3 sending people to you job and to your house unless they are there to repossess the car is just illegal.

Hopefully you reported this to the consumer protection agency in your state. That is of course unless there is more to the story????