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After online discovery that $3000 had been moved from my savings to checking acct. I immediately transferred the money back to savings then changed my user name and password. After which I called chase online phone number which was in India.

After speaking to 3 Indian representatives, including a supervisor, who all said I had to go to a local chase bank to get this straightened out, even though I lived half way around the world, and had been using online banking with chase for over 10 years, they said that made no difference.

At that point I asked to be connected to chase fraud division in America. I was connected with a gentleman at chase fraud USA who said the money was still in the account and that they has stopped a $1000 and a $200+ transfer from happening, so my money was safe.

At no point during any of this activity was I alerted by the bank, which I had setup account protection, for any transactions over $200

The gentleman I spoke with did not offer any assistance to secure or unlock my account, so that my automatic social security check and my Veterans disability checks would continue into that account, and so that the account remained accessible. Instead he gave me another chase number to call during business hours, who he said would help setup a new online account. He also said that by doing so my direct deposit checks would not stop being accepted for just 30 days with the locked account, but would extent to 60 days, giving me an opportunity to contact Social Security and the Veterans Administration to change the direct deposit account number.

I followed his advice and was told chase would not open the online account which the gentleman from fraud said they would. Not only that, but chase has alreadystarted returning my direct deposit checks already. Not accepting them into the locked account for 30 days as I was told by the gentleman at fraud.

End result was they said they would send a check for the amount in the savings and checking to my home address.

Fortunately my 94 year old mother was a signed on the account and was physically able to get to a local chase bank to open a new account and move the $10,000+ into the new account, she also took a 2 page power of attorney with her that I had drawn up by an attorney in 1982 which gave her the power to do absolutely anything in my name. The POA was refused by the bank. They later said the reason was in case I was ill or incapacitated it was not acceptable. Those issues are covered in my living will and have nothing to do with a power of attorney. I certainly received a lot of misinformation, which there is a much more fitting three letter word for. I trusted this bank with a balance of over $20,000 for almost 15 years and this is how I was repaid. The money is currently in the new account, but I guarantee it won't be there for long.

I will be extremely glad to share this anywhere on the internet at anytime with anyone.

Personally I believe they were hacked and didn't want to take the blame, so they covered it up as quickly as possible, but that's just my opinion. Sincerely Martin Skei

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Omg you how me the two minutes it took to read your stupid review back, you seriously want us all to believe chase was hacked and out of all the accounts with millions in them the hackers decided to pick on you? Hmm doubtful, what’s more likely is YOU were hacked and the hackers only had access to YOUR account due to your negligence


Yes, Chase Bank has farmed out their customer service to India and good luck if you have a need to both understand them or for them to understand what you need. Chase Bank customer service is terrible and most often useless for what you are trying to fix or understand.

As for the POA, it sounds like your mom has a POA covering your legal matters but not your health matters. You need one for both. However, I don't understand what a health POA would have to do with this situation. Best bet is to have at least two bank/credit union with different institutions---one for your pension to go into and another for your SSA.

Never use but one bank for all monetary business. A local credit union usually can give you better personal service and not fend you off to someone in India who is typically almost useless. Check into the POA bit, tho with an attorney. You may need to update your living will, etc.

with the correct and current procedures/documents. Good luck.

Say hi to mom. She did good.