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I've been with Chase for a long time but I'm sick of all the fees. They hit me with fees when my direct deposit is under their minimum level, and then they'll put my debits in before my deposits on the same day to charge me more fees, and then fees to use my savings account.

It's getting ridiculous.

There's free checking at about every other bank, and Chase is a huge bank so it doesn't make sense that they need to charge so many different fees for their checking. I've put off moving banks because it's a hassle to change my account info with everyone, but I can't afford to bank with Chase any longer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

Reason of review: excessive fees.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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That such a LIE. Banks do NOT put withdraws before deposits.

Not a single bank.

I call you out. LIAR!


not sure about the above claim but they do other things that are very shady. I'm fighting them for a bunch of fees now.

They sort all debits from high to low and intentionally delay debit cards transactions if they see that they can charge more fees. More specifically, I had over 3k in the account three days ago and made some small purchases in the 20-100 dollar range. Also, wrote three checks with one not fully funded. Chase held all the debit card charges until three days later, bunch all of them together with the checks, then processed the largest check first (which took my account negative) and then all of the other, smaller, charges.

They deliberately sorted all of the transactions in a such a way as to incur more fees for me. Whereas, if they cared about their customers, they would process all of the smaller charges first and then that larger check they should have either paid or returned. There could have been one fee, instead I'm dealing with five. Also, since when do debit card transaction are held pending for three days?

I purchased some clothes online and they were shipped the next day, so, obviously, the merchant got paid.

Chase processed the transaction the same day, then put it back in "pending" three days later and now I will pay a fee for that, too. A sixth one.


Ok in response I did research.

1. Deposits/credits always go first


Then purchases, withdrawal etc with a time stamp go next

3. Then highest to lowest amount.

This is in the brochure from chase. regards to debit card transactions and when they no longer are pending is solely on the merchant and the merchant bank.

so it is not a scam if you just ask the bank. It is in the brochure