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US Dept. of Treasury Regulates JPMorgan Chase Bank

File an Online Complaint which is Very, Very Effective against JPMorgan Chase

Need to discuss your concern? Talk with an information specialist from the OCC Customer Assistance Group, in English or Spanish, Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm CST. 1-800-613-6743. TDD Number 713-658-0340.

Comptroller of the Currency

Customer Assistance Group

1301 McKinney Street

Suite 3450

Houston, TX 77010

If this does not help; I recommend opening "safe deposit box" at the

nearest JPMorgan Chase Bank, and "accidently" put or deposit anything

you deem as a value to you. I really love shrimp, blue-crab, flounder,

tuna and scallops. After New Years I imagine that bank JPMorgan Chase

location will not be open for business.

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Chase bank is terrible. we have been fighting with them for 4 years after getting a loan modification.

(that took over a year) and they did not put funds into our tax and ins account. then they have sent us monthly notices saying we are behind in a payment.

which is not true, never been late and have copies of all cashed by Chase but they keep adding up bogus late fees. if we ever get this straightened out I want to move our mortgage to another company.


Don't bank with Chase. There is no such thing as electronic banking.

They took my mortgage out on 11/3 thru on line bill pay and it didn't clear the mortgage company until 11/9. Plus, I sent the wrong amount, cancelled it, sent it again, and it took the whole $9,000 out of my account. They would not stop payment. I have been trying to get the $4,500 bank from BMO Harris Bank since 11/3 after I told them what happened, and they are giving me the runaround.

I still don't have the overpayment from BMO Harris.


Chase Bank is unfair, biased. They dispense debit cards that are not thief-proof.

Thieves can steal your bank cards and break into mailboxes, rob homes, and Chase expects the customer to be responsible for the money stolen out of accounts. Chase is protected by the FDIC and they never lose money, because they are insured and the federal government has to pay them back.

I had a police report and other reports that prove I am a victim of identity theft and fraud, and still Chase froze all of my accounts.

I have reported Chase to the Better Business Bureau.

George Jackson--


this site does not take you to where it says, it is a brokerage biz and redirects you to their site when you click on the above highlighted areas... very unethical (just like Chase bank, ironically)