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As a new customer my first ATM transaction has really been a nightmare, i went on the 12th of June to make a $500 cash deposit after hours on a local atm machine outside the main branch, the deposit was made and the machine quickly printed out a message stating there was a technical error and that i needed to call a 1800 number, so i did, they bank said as a new customer they could not honor any temp deposit and they i would need to wait 4-5 days for an investigation to be complete i said, okay.

10 days later they stated the machine had no outages and no errors but by some miracle they had been able to recover $200 and the claim was now closed, i told them i needed some documentation stating that thats how much was found and a new claim for a new investigation was needed they refused they stated it is what it is they basically called me a liar and a *** because they said i must of counted my money wrong, and that if i did not count my money one by one infront of the atm camera then there was no way to prove it, later on they close my accoun without any notice until now i am still disputing and asking them where is the rest of my money, i really feel like starting a lawsuit against them but i dont know where to begin and i would like to know more unsatisfied customers out there that can join me, i feel violated and abused from a big bank stealing my hard earned money.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

  • hard earned money
  • new customer
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Same happen to me but w. A $1000


CHASE is the worst ever. I went to withdraw some cash ans the clerk informed me that chase has decided not to do business with me anymore..

What the *** do you mean??? They finally relied with you at a risk to our institution.

I have direct deposit from 2 different company's I have never overdrawn my account nor have I had a returned check. So I told them to give me all of my money now and kiss my *** :( :(

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