Winston Salem, North Carolina

Chase Mortgage Services held my home mortgage for 8 years and they were always difficult to deal with even though I was never late with a payment. When I closed on the home in Sept 2010, they drug their feet refunding my escrow account of almost $4,000.

They gave excuses such as having to audit or verify the account yet they could tell me exactly how much was in the account and it is audited every quarter I held the loan. I was told their comuters were down and they were unable to check on the status of my account yet their on line computers were working fine. Finally I was told they were allowed by the Feds to hold the money for a certain amount of time before returning it. So it never was about audits or computers down.

They apparently are not content with the millions the tax payers gave them as bail out money. I had to file a complaint with the Comptroller of the Currency, a Federal agency that oversees the national banks to get my escrow money. Secondly, during the closing, they charged me $30 to fax one piece of paper to my closing agent. The paper contained the payoff balance on my loan.

I can't close without it, I must have it. They made thousands of $$ off me in interest during the 8 years they serviced the loan and now charge me $30 to obtain information only they have that I must have to close on my loan. When I complained, I was basically told "too bad,so sad" by their customer rep as said they can charge a reasonable fee for services rendered. The operative word here is "reasaonable" and the average wage earner doesn't find $30 to fax one piece of required paperwork reasonable.

Lastly, the couple that bought my home began their financing with Chase and were having so many problems and being treated so poorly, they pulled the plug and went elsewhere. Suggest anyone think long and hard about getting a mortgage with Chase bank, which is owned by JP Morgan.

There is no customer service in this organization and they financially rape any consumer that they get their hooks into.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

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I talked to God and said "God you know me you know I will burn this house down before I give it to those greedy crooks" and the next day had my payoff quote after so many weeks and probably even months of trying. It had more to do with my realtor who took it upon herself to help fight the evil of least I think it did.

I definitely would make duplicates and be able to prove everything every step of the way. Find out as much information as you can. Find out who their lawyers are and their phone numbers.

Find someone that can help you...Just me alone and I would not have had a chance.

I feel so bad for all the people out there that just give up and let them have their homes.

They are very hard to fight.

I was so stressed and still am. I used to love my country, but now hate the greed of it and what it stands for.


I hate that ripoff thieving crook *** bank. Helping America my ***...Ripping off the taxpayers and poor in America more like it.

Greedy bastards!

They tried stealing the equity in my house.

They would never give me a payoff quote. By the time I hired loan sharks, lawyers, realtors, paid fees fines etc...I lost 50k...What kind of rip off bs is that where you can't sell your house without a payoff quote from them. All they have to do is string it out till you fall so far behind thay take your home from you. I had many sales fall through all for more money.

I would call them and they and then wait a week and they would say they never talked to me or would always refer me around somewhere else.Over and over and over again. I would call trustee and they would say it would take a week or two. After a week or two they would say I had to call Chase...back and forth. Finally after more than a month they would say they couldn't get a payoff quote because Chase computer system is being redone and I would have to wait..all the while my house is getting closer and closer to the auction date. I call Chase they have the same computer system they always had and I will have the quote in about a wek or two...a week or two they have no idea and have to start over. I came one day from burning that house down and killing myself. I had an angel of a realtor helping me record. photo copy, get me loan sharks talk with them for hours on end or I would be dead today.

I had to photo copy, duplicate everything and finally threaten their lawyers with lawsuits. They are the most evil I have ever dealt with. Everytime I would call I would have to start all over again and each time wait a week or two in between. Then call for payoff quote and have to do it all over again. That is motis operandi.

They are evil and when their CEO gets to be Treasury Secretary we are all screwed.

Helping America my ***. Ripping off the poor and tax payers more like it. Evil, Evil, Evil and I hope they all burn in ***. The stress they put me and what they put others through is criminal at the very least. I had them for 12 years and never again will I ever do anything with them or any other bank again.

I haven't read one positive thing about them yet other than their propaganda commercials that they spend millions of our hard earned money on. Burn in *** Chase!


Didn't sell our house, but refinanced and having pretty much the same issue. Is there any advice you can give me on how to get my money from them?