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I have been a loyal Washington Mutual customer for over 15 years. When they were bought out by JP Morgan Chase, I knew that there would be changes to their policies and procedures, but was resolved to not change banks because of the overall hassle involved. However, due to the policies Chase has enacted with both my bank accounts and my credit card, I am more than willing to deal with the inconvenience of moving my money and my credit to another bank, if only to make a statement about how horrible this company is to work with.

My boyfriend and I have 6 bank accounts with Wamu/Chase and have always kept them in good standing. Once Chase took over, they want to charge fees for us to download our transactions into Quicken. I find this ridiculous -- Chase already takes our money, loans it out to other customers and makes quite a bit of interest off of it and now they want to charge us $10 an account to simply download our transactions? It requires very little of the bank's involvement for this to be possible -- the greed here is astounding. So we're now pulling our fairly sizable accounts from Chase and moving those to a local credit union.

Now to my credit card. I use my credit card quite liberally and again, I have had my credit card with WaMu for years. I've never missed a payment, have never been more than one or two days late with a payment and have had my credit limit continually raised because I've been such a good customer. I used to pay my credit card off completely every month, but this last year I have needed to have more cash on hand for a remodeling project, so have been making a payment (well above the minimum payment due) every month.

I was making my payment online in July and noticed that my credit limit was about $1200 lower than what it used to be. I was concerned, but not overly so, and as I was leaving on vacation the next day, decided to deal with it upon my return. I received a letter detailing the lowering of my limit two weeks AFTER the decision had been made without any input from me whatsoever.

They claim that due to various credit factors, they unilaterally lowered my credit limit without discussion. I have no idea what they're talking about with regards to credit factors as I own my own house, two cars and have a very good credit score, but by lowering my available credit, they are actually DAMAGING my overall credit rating. Understandably, I am very upset. I called Chase and the incredibly unhelpful, unintelligent robot that answered my call insisted that neither he or his supervisor would be able to reinstate my credit limit to what it was before.

I am now in the process of transferring the balance of my Chase card to another bank so that Chase will not have any of my business, nor my boyfriend's business. They can say goodbye to the interest they would have received from our various accounts as well as the interest they would have made from my credit card. In addition, I have told numerous friends and family members about Chase's business tactics and to date, four people that I know have removed their accounts and credit cards from Chase. I will continue to tell people I come into contact with to leave Chase and will cross post my complaints on every web medium I can find to encourage other Chase customers to leave as well. In researching the possible repercussions to this event, I came across literally hundreds of complaints from people just like me in the same situation. What is being done to resolve these issues? Chase is simply ignoring and infuriating thousands of its customers -- after all, they've gotten their bailout money from the American taxpayers... whether or not you're an actual customer, they've got your money.

If this is Chase's way of increasing or maintaining their client base, it's an incredibly poor business model; one can only hope this will result in their eventual downfall. It's time that banks that are poorly managed and run on corporate greed realize the consequences of their policies: loss of customers and company failure, one that the American public will NOT bail them out from.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Banking Service.

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I have one Chase credit card. I got behind on payments, and tried to play catch up, but could not, and they would not work with me, so I paid what I could, the same time every month.

After about a year of this, they re-aged the account, and lowered the interest rate and closed the account.

So, I have about three hundred left to pay, then I am done with them. Then, they can go CHASE their tails!!


I had a Wamu card and a Cabella's one and Chase took over both. I had both cards for years and then had them through Chase for almost a year.

I always paid on time and always paid more than what was due, ALWAYS. One day I get my bill and see that not only did they raise my interest an incredible amount but they doubled my payment amounts. I called them and they refused to change it. My cards got behind because I couldn't keep up with the high payments and had to make payments through a debt collection agency.

They destroyed my credit which had no bad marks on it at all. And I don't want to hear about they were my cards and I shouldn't have used them if I couldn't afford them because I could afford them UNTIL they F'd me over!

Stay away from Chase they are horrible and they don't care. :(


we had a credit card and our house. When Chase took over our interest rate went up to 30%.

We tried to talk with about it, but they were jerks. My husband lost his job and we asked them for help on our house, they said your situation is just temporary. Well its not and were asking again. We just want to make our loan extented.

We are still waiting, 3 months later. The credit card service said that they can't lower our interest rate! I said we want to pay you and you'd rather not get any money! We always pay our bills, this job layoff was a surprise and we've used most of our savings account.

Didn't the government bail Chase out?? Why are they not help us!!!


I also had my Chase credit card canceled, by Chase themselves. It made me so mad.

Even though the account is canceled, they are still saying, on my statement, that I have an available credit.

In addition, they are still charging me finance charges. Is this legal?


I also had a credit card with Washington Mutual and was very happy with them. My payments were always on time and much more than the minimum. I also had a locked in interest rate, which I guess is something that Chase does not like.

The second statement sent to me after the "takeover" had $0 as the minimum payment for the month. I had heard that they do this to trick you into not making a payment, which will void the interest rate guarantee. I sent in my usual payment amount.

Then we went on vacation and needed to rent a car. I had plenty of available credit on the card and planned to use it for the car rental. In fact, it was the only cc I brought and planned to pay cash for everything else.

Well, when we get to the rental counter after midnight, the card is declined. So I ended up having to use my debit card and the rental agencies take up a bunch more $$ if you use a debit card (and they don't release the excess back to you for 3 days after you turn the car in).

So a ton of the cash for the vacation was gone and I have no other credit card. I called them the next day and they claim that they sent me a letter. I go online to look up my accounbt (I had my laptop with me) and it says that my "available credit" is just waht it is supposed to be and no where does it indicate that the account is closed.

I will never do business with these people and will tell everyone I know to steer clear of them. They nearly ruined our vacation (we certainly missed out on some things because of the bind they put us in).


Yeah the *** at Chase Credit card dept cancelled about 3 millon cards in July to loyal customers!!!


I just had to comment on this because I have written a previous post a few months ago regarding Chase and what a pathetic bank they are. I listen to several experts like Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard and time and time again CHASE is mentioned as one of the worst banks and credit cards to deal with.

I wrote a post on this site and the only feedback that was returned was obviously the sad sad people that have to work at Chase. My husband and I both banked there for years up until January and that's when I decided enough was enough. The hassle of changing banks is nothing compared to the benefit you will gain by getting the *** out of that bank and do it today. Go to a local credit union and you will be so grateful to yourself for making the move.

I listen to the Dave Ramsey show and Clark Howard show and they get calls everyday from callers that have been screwed and screwed by Chase. Apparently Chase could care less about their customers except for the part where they can rob them so they can make their Shareholders happy. I can't say enough times how Chase will actually steal your money thru some type of software they have that causes a false balance and will ensure that you overdraft so they can recover their $37.00 fees. I laugh everytime I drive by a Chase now, I have noticed they don't seem to be as busy as they used too.

Hopefully in time they will get back what they've done to others.

See ya later Chase...